BALTIMORE (WJZ) – While many prepare to celebrate Christmas, one Baltimore family is burying a loved one.
Police believe it was a drunk driver that struck and killed the 62-year-old man as he was walking down the street.

Derek Valcourt spoke with the family as they waited for criminal charges to be filed against the driver.

James Little was the oldest of nine children, a father himself and an apparent victim of drunk driving.

“It’s sad that we have to bury our brother on Christmas Eve instead of like everybody out there enjoying the Christmas season,” said Theresa Little-Lee, sister.

The funeral for Little was filled with family members, many of them calling for the arrest of the 20-year-old woman who police say smelled of alcohol when she was driving the gray Jeep Cherokee Laredo that struck and killed Little as he was walking. It happened in the 4700-block of Greenspring Avenue on Dec. 12.

She fled the scene, but police say they found her moments later on Pimlico Road.

They gave her a breathalyzer but let her go while they completed their investigation.

“And it’s just sad that she’s home enjoying herself with her family on Christmas Day when we are miserable,” said Virginia Little, sister.

“I think she should do her jail time because to me, it is considered murder because at the time he was alive, and she left him on the side of the road like that,” said Denise Reed-Goldston, niece.

“And right now there is just a spot in my heart and soul that is missing,” said Orlandar Little, brother.

Family members say Little was a deeply spiritual man, and they hope the driver repents.

“Something needs to be done about drinking and driving, so this can’t happen again. It’s terrible that he’s gone,” said Olivia Gibbs, ex-wife.

“I just say to all teenagers, take this as experience and just know to catch a cab or call a family member,” said Rosetta Fisher, friend.

All in attendance say Little was loved by all.

“We loved you James, but God loved him more,” said John Weathers, friend.

James Little Jr. is survived by three daughters and 10 grandchildren


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