So the Final Four is here … No Kansas, No Syracuse, No Kentucky … No Villanova … No Ohio State … and for me, no fun! So with Butler going home to Indiana to try and win a national championship, people have been calling “Cinderella’s” name. But understanding what makes that beautiful girl at the dance special is crucial to the story. So here are the three rules for Cinderella…

1. She has to go home with Prince Charming. For a true Cinderella story, they need to win it all. Valpo and George Mason were nice stories, but they will never be ‘85 Villanova. The 2010 USA Olympic hockey team failed to make Cinderella status when they lost the gold medal game to Canada. If Cinderella doesn’t get a kiss from Prince Charming, she’s just another chick at the dance that no one thinks is pretty!

2. She has to be surrounded by the ugly step-sisters. If Cinderella is surrounded by other Cinderella’s well then who does Prince Charming end up with? Furthermore, it’s about sticking it to the ugly step-sisters … not other Cinderella’s! If the Tampa Bay Rays 2008 World Series run was beating the Royals, would anyone have thought it was that special??

3. And finally, if Cinderella isn’t locked up in her room and forced to be a servant, is it a shock that they could go home with Prince Charming? In short, Butler is a 5 seed and was ranked basically all year. Michigan state, who has won a national title, and has been to 6 Final Fours in the last 12 years … they are a 5 seed. They would never be considered a Cinderella. So is Butler in that category? Probably not.

Despite what I think is a lackluster Final Four, and one without much pop, I think the tournament overall have showcased some great basketball games. While there were no “great” teams in this tournament, and certainly no great teams left, that doesn’t mean great basketball can’t be played.

Enjoy the games!



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