By Mike Schuh
The national outcry wasn’t enough but the threat from the federal government has a maker of caffeinated alcoholic drinks pulling the plug on the controversial ingredients in a popular drink.  Mike Schuh reports on what’s happening to Four Loko.

The feds said Wednesday alcohol and caffeine don’t mix.  Late Tuesday, Four Loko announced it was pulling caffeine from its drinks.

Doug Gansler, Maryland’s attorney general, has been battling these drinks for three years.

“Four Loko saw and understood what was coming and made the right decision to take these off the market.  You cannot combine caffeine and alcohol,” Gansler said.

Scores of college kids have been hospitalized and the parents of one Maryland girl blame the drink for her death.

Drinking three Four Lokos is like drinking 18 light beers and six cups of fully caffeinated coffee.

“We stopped selling it,” said Michael Hyatt.  “We…don’t need that.”

Despite the bad press, interest has jumped.

“A lot of people are coming in and saying, `Do you have any of that stuff I heard about on the news?” Hyatt said.

One down, 40 to go.  Until the federal government takes steps to ban them, there are 40 other manufacturers of drinks similar to Four Loko.

Some senators think a ban could be coming soon.


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