Here is a first look at a possible uniform change by the Ravens. It’s a Nike design. Will the helmet logo change as well? Maybe to the team shield on a helmet where the pai


nt scheme changes color (black-to-purple fading) as light hits it on different angles? Hmm? Stay tuned…

…and share your thoughts. What do you think?

Comments (29)
  1. Kelley Van Erem says:

    Awsome looking! I love it!!

    1. al says:

      All they will need now is a skirt

  2. Bruce Daeschner says:

    I dig it! Awesome!
    Let’s go with it!

  3. Patrick says:

    the white helmet sucks…and replacing the Raven head on the helmet with the shield?…um, no, we had something similar to that in 1996 and it sucked then and it would suck now. I like the overall jersey though.

    1. bob danna says:

      I agree,need to FORGET ABOUT the white helment.replace the logo with the alt logo.MUCH MORE intimitating.GO RAVENS!

    2. ben says:

      Is it white? Im checkin it out on my phone and it looks silver to me.

  4. Skip Snell says:

    Helmet’s all right, but please, spare us the multiple colored jersey, with side panel’s etc. Makes it look like a D 3 college uniform.

  5. Dale says:

    Looks like garbage to me. Plus, the Raven is looking the wrong way unless players are going to tart running backwards. Back to the drawing board boys!!!!

    1. Barry says:

      I agree with you! Besides, does the Raven logo looking backwards mean thats the way the team is going to be heading?SCRAP IT !!!!!!!

  6. dblades says:

    that sucks … its horrible … its like a second tear arena football jersey. it would be hard to respect that.

  7. ben says:

    doesnt look too bad, kinda like a college uniform. i like the silver helmets though.

  8. george holloman says:

    like the new look, however, i think my design for helmet logo is much more agressive looking.

  9. brandon says:

    Looks to cheesy I don’t like any of it, leave it the way it is.

  10. Ron says:

    I like this look. I always thought that we had too much black in the uniform especially the helmet. It made us look like other teams in the league, i.e. Steelers…

  11. Mark says:

    very GAY looking…will intimidate no one…go with the black helmet, shield might work but not as sharp as the current logo…multi colored jersey a definite loser

  12. Stan Sharnas Jr. says:

    love the helmet but the bird is turned the wrong way. everything else looks awsome.

  13. Barry says:

    I just replied to Dale.

  14. Lee Crowder says:

    not bad but they do not look mean enough for me need more black love show never miss it Bulldog love how you always make people look like fools with what they say them self i be crying at times when you do that

  15. Dave Van Druff says:

    It makes me want to vomit….all the money nike has and this is what they bring to the table? Not meaning to sound like Bulldog, but, really? It looks like a Raider’s uniform knocked up a Viking’s uniform and bore a hideous child.

    1. keri dorgan says:

      I agree… leave their uniforms alone… or maybe get Under Armour to design. A local company for a local team…

  16. John Koon says:

    Hate it! Keep it classic! also get rid of the colored pants they wear now too. You can’t beat the all white uniforms, They won a freakin superbowl with it why change what ain’t broken? Thumbs down on the new uniforms!

  17. MATTRESS MIKE says:


  18. BaltiMoore says:

    these are fake, these surfaced about a month ago

  19. raywizzzle says:

    sooo sickkkk keep them!! its srarting a new era

  20. Michelle says:

    Oh no please no the black and purple kind of looks like he’s wearing a diaper.the purple and white isn’t so bad. But the number are generic! I don’t like at all!

  21. mike says:

    The helmit is amazing if this doesnt make it i will buy a whole uniform. I love it!! GO RAVENS!!

  22. Columbia says:

    I don’t like the “cod piece” look of the pants front.

  23. I made this when I was 15 for fun… Glad to see it caused some conversation in Baltimore. Go Bengals.

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