BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It was a night of pure horror for hundreds living in the path of that destructive tornado that hit parts of Baltimore.  The storm hit overnight and without warning, but amid the chaos emerged heroes.  Kelly McPherson shares their story.

Dozens of responders were here to help the tornado survivors.  Only a handful were brave enough to go into crumbling buildings to rescue those who were trapped and calling for help.

Just before 2 a.m., terror struck northeast Baltimore.  911 callers didn’t know why their apartments were crashing on top of them.

“How old are you?” a 911 operator asked one caller.

Caller: “31.”
911:  “Are you bleeding?”
Caller:  “I don’t know.”
911:  “Feel your head and see if you’re bleeding.”
Caller:  “I can’t move, ma’am.”

That call was made from inside an apartment building that was condemned the morning after the tornado.  Seconds later on the tape, it sounds like help has arrived.

Caller:  “Oh my God.  Hey, come here; come here, come here. Oh, God.”
911:  “Can you tell me what happened?”

“A large piece of concrete covering her.  She was trapped.  She couldn’t move.  She wasn’t making any sounds, either,” said Sgt. Michael Nichol.

“I started pointing with my flashlight–debris, walls, tables, everything on the floor, windows.  It was complete destruction,” said Officer Steven Cuervas.

Four officers are being congratulated for pulling out survivors.  More than 350 units were evacuated and 16 buildings condemned but no one died during last week’s tornado.

“It wasn’t until everything was said and done and everybody was safely out that we actually stood outside.  We were like, `What just happened?'” said Officer Stephanie Uruchima.

“And they didn’t stop one second.  They went in and did what they had to do.  So I’m completely proud of them,” said Kimberly Burrus.

Some families are back in nearby apartments that were damaged.  The people who were living here have all been relocated.


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