Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun joined The Norris & Davis Show live from the airport in Charlotte to discuss the Ravens win over the Panthers.

  1. Doug Megargee says:

    What the hell is Preston talking about the Giants this morning. Saying under Coughlin that they have stunk 5 of the last 6 years. Hell they won it in 08′. A week ago every major Sports caster who knew what they were talking about had them as the best team in the league, The Cowboys game was a fluke and they beat themselves last night.
    Preston come on man sorry I like Norris and Davis in the Morning but when you make statements like that about the Giants I understand why people only know who you are in Baltimore. Take the Buldog and go sit in the closet and listen to your own hit records. Legends in your own minds. The Ravens beat the Giants in their first and only Superbowl appearence and every Baltimore Browns fan never forgets it. Lets watch and see who Implodes Mike.The Ravens could easily be 5&5. They better start to do some positioning for the defensive draft because they’re one rockin’ chair away from bein in trouble. Ed Reed is phenomenal wish he played for the Giants but, he ain’t long for the game and he and Ray Lewis are going to be hard to replace.
    Every contender in every division has won close games they easily could have lost. The top one and two teams are all one or two touch downs away from trading places. Come Mike get your Brain moving before your lips, better you should remain a writer it gives you more time to think about what you say…..

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