The Ravens would like to borrow that boot that Big Ben is wearing and use it Sunday night to boot the Steelers out of the division title picture. A Ravens win would put a major hurtin’ on the Steelers who would basically be 2 games back of Baltimore with only 4 to play.

What’s new, the Ravens and Steelers with a late season game with major impact on the division and the AFC playoff picture. Last years Bengals break-through was an anomaly because recent history tells us that the AFC North is a two team division owned by the Steelers and Ravens.

In the last 10 seasons these two teams have combined to win 3 Super Bowl’s and since the AFC North was formed in 2001 the Steelers and Ravens have won or tied for the division title 9 of the 10 years (that includes this season).

The series can’t compare with the history of the Bears-Packers that started in the 1920’s or the Redskins-Cowboys who’ve been doing it for 50 years but right here, right now I think it’s the best rivalry in the NFL.

Sit the kids down and give them a history lesson, tell the little one’s about Joey Porter’s cheap shot on Todd Heap, or the time James Trapp jumped high into the air with the intention of landing on Plexico Burress’s throat, or how ‘bout the time that after playing four quarters at Heinz Field Ray Lewis and a few Ravens ran off the team bus and nearly had a 5th quarter with Joey Porter and friends from Pittsburgh.

Right from the start the Ravens-Steelers series had some extra juice, on a wet December Sunday at Memorial Stadium in 1996 former Steeler Eric Green scored a Ravens touchdown and went Dancing With The Stars on Bill Cowher and the Steelers bench, it was the Ravens first win over the Black and Gold, game on!!

Here’s the deal….

*Ravens have won 6 of their last 7 at home against the Steelers (7-7 at home in series).

*Roethlisberger 7-2 as a starter against the Ravens, both losses in 2006.

*Ravens have won 8 straight at home tying team record. Steelers 5-1 on the road this season.

*Only Ravens sweep in the series 2006 (27-0 in Bal, 31-7 at Pitt).

*Steelers have won both playoff games between the teams (2001 and afc title game ’08 season)

*Ravens 5-6 against the spread, Steelers 6-5 ats.

* The line: Ravens by 3

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  1. Tank Stifler says:

    Baltimore Get This Guy And We Will Destroy The Steelers!!

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