TOWSON, Md. — Doing more with less, that’s what the Baltimore County Executive-Elect hopes to do with a new plan to save money.

Weijia Jiang has more on what’s at stake.

He won’t be inaugurated as Baltimore County Executive until next week, but Kevin Kamenetz is already rolling out plans to trim $8 million from the budget.

He’s seeking to merge four county agencies into existing or consolidated departments.

“Which importantly will save the salaries of four department heads at a cost of approximately three quarters of a million dollars,” said Kevin Kamenetz, Baltimore County Executive-Elect.

Under the proposal, the Offices of Community Conservation, Sustainability, and Workforce Development would be weaved into others.

The jobs of Labor Commissioner and Human Resources Director would be combined and some zoning positions will merge duties.

Kamenetz is confident the same services will be delivered.

Some taxpayers are skeptical.

“If he consolidates, is that going to bring up more issues? Sometimes when you consolidate different positions, you lose out on some services,” said Trisha Perry.

Kamenetz says even more departments will likely consolidate in the future.

“Absolutely. This is an ongoing process. I’ve received a lot of suggestions from county employees,” said Kamenetz.

Kamenetz also announced he will eliminate four filled and 143 vacant jobs to cut more than $7 million a year.  It’s a move sure to draw mixed reaction.

“I’m all for saving money, but you want to do the right thing for the community. If the jobs are necessary you keep them, if not get rid of them, that’s all,” said George Henry.

“What they should do is, get the jobs ’cause they promised jobs and cut somewhere else,” said John Williams.

That somewhere else has yet to be named, though the executive elect promises more savings to come.

The County Council must approve all the consolidations.

Kamenetz will introduce the legislation at the meeting scheduled for Monday.

Kamenetz will be inaugurated on Dec. 6.

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