BALTIMORE (WJZ) — You could call it the ultimate taste test. Camden Yards is looking for a new signature food to offer fans at the Orioles’ games. And in Baltimore, they’ve created a long list.

Gigi Barnett has a preview of what could be headed for the ball park’s menu. 

The Delaware North Company is well known for infusing local cuisine at ball parks. WJZ took a tour and taste test of some of the restaurants and markets the company is considering, and we asked food lovers what they think should be on the menu. 

“This ain’t gone make you skinny trust me,” said Polock Johnny’s customer Nemo Lingerman while eating a hot dog.

 No, but it might make you happy. Especially if you’re eating it at Camden Yards—at least that’s what the new food vendor at the ball park hopes. 

The Delaware North Company is scouring Charm City for a Baltimore favorite to highlight its menu next season. And they’re taste testing everything— from polish sausage to fried pickles.

 Fans definitely have their favorites.

 “I’d love to see Polock Johnny’s there,” said Sy Bluestein, Polock Johnny’s customer. “It’s a Baltimore tradition. It’s been around forever.”

 What about the cuisine from Little Italy? The seafood from Faidley’s? or G & M’s  lump crab cakes?

 “We’ve heard of it before. We would love to be considered for something like this,” said Dimitri Leromoanhos, of G&M Crabcakes.

 Some say the Orioles plus crab cakes equals Baltimore.

 “Give your friends or give relatives from out of town an authentic Baltimore experience, what could be better than the O’s, Camden Yards, and crab cakes,” said Mina Hilsenrath.

 So, we want to know what you think should be served at Oriole Park next season. Should it be a local crab cake favorite, a classic hamburger, sausages or fried pickles?

 There’s still time to vote below.

Comments (6)
  1. NC Orioles Fan says:

    I could care less of the food concessions at OPCY. I only buy my food and drink from Boog’s BBQ.

    Since the Orioles want to make some changes, eleiminate the walk-up ticket surcharge FIRST beofre douing anything else.

    The surcharge is a total insult to fans like me who want to attend a game at the last minute.

    Thanks, a North Carolina Orioles Fan

  2. G. Tiliakos says:

    No ifs or buts, Baltimore and Maryland are famous for crab cakes, but the prce has to be right for the average Joe.

  3. Megan Orioles fan says:

    My husband and I go to at least 20 games in a season so I would love fried pickles. I think that the ball park would be more fun with them. I would also like alot more vegetarian options like portabello sandwichs.

  4. Lance Beasman says:

    Polock Johnnies dogs and fried pickles. Also make sure the beer tap lines are back washed daily. Nothing worse than skunky beer.

  5. Ed says:

    Crab cakes are already being served at Camden Yards. I would like to see hamburgers added to the menu.

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