GLEN BURNIE, Md. (WJZ) — On Saturday morning at approximately 12:13 a.m., officers responded to Dietrich’s Tavern at 7346 Furnace Branch Road in Glen Burnie for a report of shots being fired.  Upon arrival, officers discovered a single male victim with multiple gunshot wounds to the torso.  The victim was transported by ambulance to Baltimore-Washington Medical Center where he later died.  The victim was identified as 30-year-old Kelly Terrell Fisher.

Homicide Unit detectives responded to the scene to investigate.  It appears the suspect, a black male approximately 5’10” to 6’02” with a medium build, exited a vehicle and began shooting at the victim with a rifle. Preliminary information indicates that the victim and suspect possibly knew each other and the victim may have been targeted for unknown reasons by the suspect.

The suspect was later identified as Clayton Battle.  He has been charged with murder, assault and weapons charges.  He is being held at the Anne Arundel County Detention Center without bond.

This is the 11th homicide of 2010; there were a total of 12 in 2009.

Comments (13)
  1. dan says:

    hope he gets the death sentence!!!!!!

  2. Glen Burnie says:

    Look him up on MD case search. He should have been incarcerated. This should have never happened.

    1. ree says:

      It would not have happened if the bar was like it was before it closed and reopened. This is what the “different” clientele brings, which is why none of the original regulars dare to go in there anymore

  3. Jennifer says:

    The 11th homicide in Anne Arundel County this year right? Cause the writer can’t possibly mean the whole state of MD.

  4. janice says:

    let me tell you something you need to shut up there is no reason tho kill some one because they may have killed someone if thats the case your repeating the same cycle but you know what dan your just a lost soul

  5. delvecko says:

    clayton battle he,s not that kind of guy he,s more of a funny guy and big like t football player something happen with this dude he,s just not that kind of guy i kown of him not personal but he,s been my company as other friends gather arround for football games and stuff like that ! wow1 this news!

    1. Lynn says:

      Haven’t we heard that message before…..he is sooooo nice. It couldn’t be him….etc., etc.,

      Apparently, it IS him…..regardless of the Clayton you thought you knew…
      Time will tell and not touchy feely speculation.

  6. Gracey says:

    D’s use to be a great pub, now it is a drug dealing, prostitue hangout! Sorry owners, but if you don’t get rid of that type of crowd, lots of us won’t be back.

  7. V/R says:

    Clay is our family member, and we all need to first pray for the victim and his family and then for Clay too. Plz dont judge, now is the time for prayer….

  8. Fam Friend says:

    V/R your family is obviously sick and twisted. I’ll pray for yall. I pray that they give your prescious Clay the death penalty and\or life in prison. He deserves it. Murder is a capital crime. One of our lords laws that should not be broken. Clay will get what he deserves.

  9. nel says:

    Well, i was a regular b4 the first shooting in 09 and i guess u can consider me a regular now..i was not there on the night of this shootin but my girlfriends were. its sad becus BLACK county folks are slowly losin our outlets to have a good time. there was also a shootin at My Place in fort meade which is another local hangout for us. Please people get it together we dont have much and u know they love to say the reason is becus of things like this..where r we gonna go Cancun Cantina, Sandbaggers? NOT!! my heart goes out to both sides!! WE MUST DO BETTER!!

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