After days being locked in the same pattern, there is a slight change coming our way.

The lake-effect snow connection is still underway with heavier bands of snow along the western slopes of western Maryland and occasional flurries east of the mountains. The winter storm warning has been extended for Garrett and western Allegany Counties through tomorrow with a few more inches of snow. So far, Frostburg has received about 5″ of snow, while Bayard, WV has come in with a whopping 23.8″. If you are a skiier, start thinking about or booking those ski trips now. They are getting a great early season snow base. And, it will likely only grow as the cold air is going to continue for most of the month (with only a couple of brief breaks).

Another major factor in this weather pattern is the wind and cold. Winds have been gusting over 30 mph the last few days and will again today and tomorrow. Those winds are keeping in the cold air. We are only going to manage highs in the mid 30s today and tomorrow, with temperatures overnight dropping back into the 20s. With such gusty winds, the wind chill has really been a factor. It will only feel like it’s in the 20s outside today and then in the teens overnight.

By Thursday, we will start to see some changes around here. An Arctic high pressure will slide down through the Northern Plains and then settle over the Mid-Atlantic on Thursday. That will shut off the wind and lake-effect snow connection. It will also cut off the bleeding of cold air from the Arctic, although it will take a few days to moderate.

Highs will creep back up to near 40 degrees on Friday and then in the mid 40s over the weekend. At the same time, one weak storm will pass just off to the north in Pennsylvania Friday. It will bring some clouds through and maybe some snow showers to the mountains, but there is only the slight chance for a rain or snow shower elsewhere. The precipitation chances do increase on Sunday, though, as a new storm moves this way. This one will be a bigger one with a lot more moisture. It’s still a little ways out, but the current trend looks like we will mainly get rain with the possibility of a mix int he beginning and then a burst of snow at the end. Of couse, we will be watching this one closely and keep you updated through the week.

One thing that we do know, is that when that storm gets out of here Monday, it will bring in another true blast of frigid air for most of next week.

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  1. john weigand says:

    In my opinion, you are the Best weather forcaster on WJZ.
    Why aren’t you on air more?

    John Weigand

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