By Vic Carter

PIKESVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — They are trying to heal and to keep tensions low.  That was the purpose of the meeting Wednesday night between Jewish leaders and the black community after an African-American teen was beaten by a neighborhood watch patrol.

Vic Carter reports both sides shared strong feelings.

Not everyone was allowed inside the meeting and, as a result, those outside expressed the concerns of some residents over the beating of a 15-year-old.

“In fact, I spent three hours counseling a group of 20 young African-American men who were ready to come up here and kick ass and I told them that was not our way,” said one.

That is why black and Jewish leaders met in Pikesville, in an effort to keep the two communities calm.

At issue is the Shomrim neighborhood watch.  An African-American teen says he was walking in the Park Heights neighborhood, approached by security and beaten.  Eliyahu Werdesheim, 23, is charged with assault, reckless endangerment and false imprisonment.

The group meeting Wednesday came to the conclusion that there’s not enough information to determine whether Shomrim should stop patrols.

“We believe that the relationship between the African-American community and the Jewish community is a very important one,” said one man.

More meetings are planned to discuss this issue.  On Monday, black leaders will meet with Shomrim to hear their side of the story and to determine whether there is a need for sensitivity training or whether the group should be shut down.

Comments (24)
  1. Michael says:

    am from that same Community and think the jewish kid should go to jail no one should take the law into their own hands if it was turned around that other kids would be arrest so this jewish kid should be

    1. kzolly says:

      I grew up in NW Baltimore and my mom still lives there, so I know well the problems that plague the community. I don’t condone the violence, but I do understand the frustrations that led to it. Someone trespassing on other peoples back porches is a threat and a menace to all occupants of the home’s he’s lucky that no armed home owner shot him.

      Several weeks ago someone smashed my mom’s basement door down “to see what was inside”…another curious person several weeks earlier was spied by a stay at home neighbor people through another neighbors door with a hammer in hand; he ran off when the neighbor screamed out a window at him to stop.

      With brazen criminals like this we’re all becoming more frustrated by the minute. He should not be arrested for his actions, but should be fined while the thug he caught should be arrested or fined for trespassing unless he’s able to explain why he was on someone else’s back porch

    2. Alex says:

      Are You serious?? You don’t see jewish kids roaming through black neighborhoods)))) 15 years old, he’ll rob you or kill you with no regret. Finally jewish community has somebody who can do something not just talk!!!!

  2. real citizen says:

    I love the way the media tries to whip a story up at the community’s expense. Should we be surprised if racial tensions are on the rise? WJZ and WBAL have to have something to fill the air and do they care if their irresponsible hype makes my neighborhood more dangerous. After all, goodness knows, that they have to do something to compensate for their lack of journalistic skill.
    For all intents and purposes Werdesheim has already had a trial and jury courtesy of the media. I have yet to see a picture of the juvenile (who does have a record) get equal time. Werdesheim ‘s case is still under investigation, but the media sees fit to post his photo as if he’s on “America’s Most Wanted”
    If Werdesheim is eventually exonerated, which is highly likely as there are serious questions about what took place, will the media put in the effort to clear his Werdesheim’s name? Will we hear about the great things Shomrim has doing to keep the neighborhood safe for the ALL residents in this area?
    If it is found that the juvenile was a threat will they post the juveniles picture up for the next 3 weeks with stories about what the kid was doing and his previous juvenile record? Somehow I doubt that Kal Jackson, Jayne Miller and the rest of Media Mob will bother themselves for a story that won’t provide the negative sensationalism that have come to count on.

  3. JRStar says:

    Why is it that when the victim is African American and the assailant or assailants are Non-African American, it’s always considered a Hate Crime or racialy Motivated, but when the victim is a Non-African American and the assailant or assailants are African American, it’s never a Hate Crime or Racially Motivated?

    1. kasey says:

      It agree with you 100%
      In addition, believe that blacks are more racist against whites then the reverse.
      It disgusts me that blacks play the race care every opportunity.
      We all have equal rights and it needs to change.
      I think the kid was probly up to no good and got caught.
      Now he is playing the race card.
      Big surprise.

      1. Ana89 says:

        You say that we all have equal rights, but by reading your comment I wouldn’t think so. And I’m not going to sit here and attack you, because utimately this is your opinion. But do you know every single black person to sit there and say that they are more racist than whites? As a black woman, I believe that there are people in the world who are racist against another ethnic group, whether they are black, white, orange, purple or grey.

  4. TJN says:

    I see that the criminals are watching how this story developes, According to the article ” city hall is keeping an eye on whats happening”

  5. CR says:

    If the relationship is so important and valuable between the Jewish community and Black community, why don’t they drop the Jewish patrol and make it a Jews-Black joint patrol instead of bringing in Isreali commando’s. Its obvious why that guy was on the patrol, but that Isreali attitude towards neighbors is not American. That smack of non-sense and a separation of peoples by the Jewish community. I have not heard a suggestion along these lines. It doesn’t sound like the old Pikesville. I went to school in Pikesville, Sr High and I am not Jewish.

  6. Chris says:

    I agree the local press is making this seem like the race crime of the century. Rapes and murders don’t get this kind of attention. Everyday I see this guy’s face on the news and internet. The investigation hasn’t been completed–and the press have really put a price on his head. Unreal! Where are the faces of the criminals who are shooting it up or stabbing folks on the streets of Baltimore everyday? I doubt these Jewish people would have a neighborhood crime patrol if there wasn’t a crime issue in their area. I am sure they have things they would rather be doing.

  7. Patrick says:

    Just goes to show you how violent the Jewish community is in Baltimore. They are always committing violent crimes. Everyday you see them being locked up on the news. The other day I was walking down the street in a Jewish neighborhood and an accountant ran out of his home and hit me over the head. I would much rather walk down North Ave where it is safe.

    1. Bob says:

      I walk down North Ave all the time, day and night, nothing has ever happened to me.

    2. Al says:

      LOL!!!!!!)))))))) +++++++ Jews are very dangerous, and when you buy crack from them on the corner you might get shot by Israeli commandos on the bike((((

  8. Jackie says:

    I guess this pics of these guys who were arrested don’t get posted by WJZ on the internet,

  9. Bob says:

    For the most part those “black leaders” don’t really lead anybody but a small group of people, most of the time a church. Those churches and associations have a small amount of contact with most of the community. They show the faces of criminals all the time and living in an area with crime doesn’t give civilians police powers. Not even the police can do this without having some legal reason.

  10. cy says:

    well god know’s it’s to much hate, racism, crime and not enough love anymore, I can’t stand racism myself but when your wrong your wrong, yes the kid had no right to on someone else’s property but that din’t give the patrol officer any reason to get out of his car and beat that child either without questioning what he was doing

  11. Thomas says:

    I agree with Cy. folks always need one or the other. They were both in the wrong. The kid was brobably up to something and the patrol guy stepped way over the line. We can look at the situation all we want…. they are both crimes.

  12. TJN says:

    You have gotta love wjz , This article is still ahead of one that just happened – 3 shot in the span of 4 minutes in b more

  13. G says:

    Why do most of the articles fail to mention that the ‘victim’ picked up a 2×4 with exposed nails in it prior to the patrol guy ‘savagely attacking’ him

  14. G says:

    “In fact, I spent three hours counseling a group of 20 young African-American men who were ready to come up here and kick ass and I told them that was not our way,” said one.

    Typical! If that wasn’t our way other groups probably wouldn’t feel the need to have patrol groups

  15. Calra says:

    Someone at WJZ really loves this story. Again, it is on the front page of the local news on comcast. It’s the top story ahead of the 3 shootings in a couple minutes (one dead) and the story of the guy who tried to blow up the military recruiting center. I am not saying that this is not a newsworthy story–but it doesn’t have these kind of legs. I didn’t want to think it–but it does seem like WJZ is trying stir the pot here. This past year, an elderly black couple were fishing and some white guys came along and killed them. I believe it was determined that they were killed because they were black. That story didn’t get the press this is getting. Of course, it wasn’t a Jewish person who did it. In this case, the press is not mentioning all the facts in the case. They act like this was a random attack–which it wasn’t. They don’t talk about how the teen had a 2×4 with nails or that he was looking into homes in that area. Was he looking to buy a house? I am not saying that roughing up the teen was the right thing to do–but I wish the writers would report all the facts. Don’t make it seem like this patrol organization is randomly beating up black teens. As someone said earlier, there must be problems in this area or why would there be a watch group?

  16. youngmike says:

    if u want to clean up your community the right way jewish or black jion the police force have more jewish on it work up the ranks make chances am jewish and i have see and heard all my life people so young dying for what because at the end of the day we both need each other

  17. JustMe says:

    I am bothered to read the above comments as well as the story itself with the references to race and religion. Why couldnt this story be reported from the facts…one youth was trespassing and was caught by another young man who volunteers his time to patrol his neighborhood in an effort to protect his neighbors. That young man may have gone a little overboard, but is it really necessary for the news media or anyone else to have to identify them by the color of their skin, the clothes they wear, or their religious beliefs when it doesnt seem to have anything to do with the situation at hand. It seems to me that if we could all just refer to each other as people, starting with the media, we might not have to worry about racial and religious tension so much.

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