Pain At The Pump As Gas Prices Rise

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If you drive, lately you’ve had a surprise every time you pull up to the pumps.

Mike Schuh reports it’s an unusual time of year for gas prices to spike.

When the price drops, drivers tend to overlook it, but not now.

“They have truly went up. Truly, truly, truly,” said Norma Solomon.

Drivers may have to cut back if it gets over $3.

“Yes, it has cut into the budget a bit. I don’t go to places other than the gym and work, so yes it has affected it,” said Shauwn Whitney.

Even at a discount station, the prices went up 3 cents. It went up a quarter in the past few weeks, but statewide the average is near $3 a gallon.

“I just can’t understand why they can’t do something about it. What they can do, I have no idea,” said Jean Foley.

High use elsewhere is driving the increase. This time, it’s classic supply and demand.

“And there’s more to go yet, because it hasn’t matched the historic relationship between crude and refined products, so we expect a little more,” said Pete Horrigan, Mid-Atlantic Petroleum Distributors Association.

It’s an increase causing some to shop around.

“This month is Christmas month, I gotta put gas in the car,” said Solomon. “I’m not going to give the gas companies one more cent than I have to.”

No one can say when the prices will ease.

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