By Mike Schuh

If you drive, lately you’ve had a surprise every time you pull up to the pumps.

Mike Schuh reports it’s an unusual time of year for gas prices to spike.

When the price drops, drivers tend to overlook it, but not now.

“They have truly went up. Truly, truly, truly,” said Norma Solomon.

Drivers may have to cut back if it gets over $3.

“Yes, it has cut into the budget a bit. I don’t go to places other than the gym and work, so yes it has affected it,” said Shauwn Whitney.

Even at a discount station, the prices went up 3 cents. It went up a quarter in the past few weeks, but statewide the average is near $3 a gallon.

“I just can’t understand why they can’t do something about it. What they can do, I have no idea,” said Jean Foley.

High use elsewhere is driving the increase. This time, it’s classic supply and demand.

“And there’s more to go yet, because it hasn’t matched the historic relationship between crude and refined products, so we expect a little more,” said Pete Horrigan, Mid-Atlantic Petroleum Distributors Association.

It’s an increase causing some to shop around.

“This month is Christmas month, I gotta put gas in the car,” said Solomon. “I’m not going to give the gas companies one more cent than I have to.”

No one can say when the prices will ease.

Comments (14)
  1. Cheryl Mullhausen says:

    I don’t care what you say, gas prices are politically controlled!

  2. Steve says:

    No Cheryl, politics is oil controlled!

  3. lower gas prices now says:

    thank obama for high oil prices. He won’t let us have off shore drilling. No more driilling in the Gulf.

    1. MikeW says:

      That’s nonsense – the oiil companies make record profits – there should be price controls – but all of the politicians are too crooked to do it!

    2. bill says:

      there are plenty of other oil spots that can be drilled. why is it the oil from alaska goes other places than us. Also has anyone thought about the fact that Exxon gets alot of their oil from here and doesnt have to pay for security like the companies overseas do. their prices should be cheapest but they arent and record profits. I guess that is Obama also right.

  4. Roy D says:

    And last week our leader announced no drilling in the GUlf. Gas goes up before the his lips stop moving. Stupid is as stupid does.

  5. Ken B says:

    Big oil knows we gotta go out and shop so they make themselves a Christmas present.

  6. Sykesville Joe says:

    It’s not a coincidence that prices started going up when the Administration announced the extension of the moratorium on offshore drilling.

  7. Laura L.. says:

    Shoot where is this gas station at? Here gas prices in dundalk are around 2.97 a gallon. This is just sick

  8. Alan says:

    It hurts, they say we are coming out of the resession shoot we are headed for a depression !! Obama has done nothing but give cell phones to the crack dealers. Surely isn’t helping the working class

  9. kevin says:

    if the politicians had to pay for their transportation oil would be a quarter a gallon!!!!!!!

  10. jeff says:

    $2,97??? try $3.09 in western Md, and why? government controls health care I guess its oil next!

  11. kevin says:

    try the price of fuel in scotland you will g o crazy

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