FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — Wine collectors in Frederick are trying again to change state law to allow restaurants to give patrons the option of bringing their own wine to dinner for a fee. 

Members of the group Marylanders for Better Beer and Wine Laws plan to argue for a so-called “corkage” policy during a legislative session Saturday in Frederick. 

James French, a member of the group, says it would be a boon for the economy. He says corkage fees nationwide average $15 to $25 at restaurants. 

The group plans to introduce legislation that would allow corkage in Frederick, Montgomery, Prince George’s and Baltimore counties and in Baltimore city. 

The Maryland General Assembly would have to approve the corkage proposal. 

Last year, the Frederick County Liquor Board objected to a similar proposal.

Comments (7)
  1. drugs are bad says:

    People shouldnt be allowed to consume drugs of any type, especially hard drugs such as wine and whiskey in public places. It should be done out of sight.

  2. Go_Home_Alcoholics says:

    i agree. If the druggies want to get intoxicated then they need to do it in the privacy of there own homes.

  3. Classy wine drinker says:

    Drugs are drugs folks. Doesn’t matter if they sparkle and come in fancy bottles with foil labels and belligerant, violent undertones (or was that supposed to read fruity and woodsy undertones)?, or if it comes rolled up in a fine French wrapper, drugs should be consumed at home or in areas where a person plans on spending the night. Its always baffled me how we can have laws against drunk driving while allowing crowds of people to congregate in special areas such as bars to consume alcohol. I mean what does the police and judges think that all of those people are doing in there? I cant recall ever seeing a line of taxicabs waiting outside to take all of the drunks home, so common sense tells you that most of them are either driving or crawling. Wheres all the police at 2:00am when the bars are closing? Oh yeah I forgot, there laying outside in a pool of there own vomit with there off duty guns protruding out of there wasteband.

  4. Joshua Patrick Lazier says:

    Mankind has been drinking since time immemorial. The Government has never been able to keep alcohol out of the hands of the citizenry. Its also called self control and most who shame alcohol are the one that are found who have self control issues. ALSO ALCOHOL IS NOT A HARD DRUG!!! It is actually on the lower end of that spectrum. and this article is dealing with wine being consumed in a classy controlled restaurant setting not the biker bar down the street. Let me guess the first two poster and right winged bible thumping Christians who either were home schooled and/or plan to home school their children. I.E. lived a sheltered life. and the third poster is an upper middle class liberal with eco-friendly beliefs.

  5. Go_Home_Alcoholics says:

    Im not sure what you’ve been drinking (maybe Shirley Temples) but Alcohol is about as hard core as it gets.

    Mankind has also been consuming marijuana since the beginning of time. Theres a reason why its frequently referred to as the “tree of life”. It can provide, food, clothing and medicinal uses, but without all of the side effects of alcohol such as sclerosis of the liver, increased gray matter of the brain, violent and unpredictable behavior, and abused family members. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a biker, local university professor, or police officer, a drunk in control of a 2000 lb vehicle can kill my daughter just as quickly and efficiently. If you want to drink please stay off the public roads and I’ll do the same when I partake of my favorite intoxicant.

    Until the other 50% of us are able to enjoy the same freedoms as you are already entitled too, I couldn’t care less about your desire to carry your own bottle of drugs with you to the local restaurant…. And even then I would still oppose anyone driving anywhere while intoxicated (on any type of drug).

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