GERMANTOWN, Md. (AP) — Protesters say they’re trying to call attention to Maryland’s abortion laws after the opening of a clinic in Germantown that’s believed to be offering late-term abortions. 

Dr. LeRoy Cathcart planned to open the clinic late last week. Cathcart is one of a handful of doctors who acknowledge providing late-term abortions. He has said he wants to ensure more women have access to the procedure by expanding to states where it remains legal. 

About 600 people gathered outside the Germantown clinic on Saturday. The protest was organized by the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington. 

Christa Lopiccolo is executive director of the department of life issues for the archdiocese. She says “Maryland is becoming a safe haven” for abortion doctors because of “the laxity of the law.”

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  1. Teajay says:

    Result of laws in a sate where there is no balance of power and controlled by one party the socialists. Keep in mind the new thinking by them is that marriage is obsolete .

    1. TJ says:

      And I’m so glad we have those laws!

  2. John says:

    How many of these 600 fools have adopted children? If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

  3. Colleen Lynn says:

    These protesters act like women who need a late-term abortion are doing it just for fun. The only way to get an abortion at that point in the pregnancy is if either the health of the woman or the fetus is in danger, or both. But these ignorant people either don’t know that or don’t care. “Pro-life?” It’s not about life at all. To these people, all it’s about is punishing women. Ask some of these people protesting what they think of welfare programs after the child is born. They don’t want to answer that one.

  4. Misty says:

    I’m with Colleen. These idiots protesting the abortion clinic are too dense to understand the REAL reason behind late-term abortions. They rarely if ever are done simply because a woman decides “Oh, I don’t want to be pregnant anymore.” It’s because going through with the last stages of the pregnancy are nearly certain to kill her or her baby, if not both, and so a choice has to be made. I doubt the women getting these abortions really want to, but neither are all women willing to martyr themselves to have a child knowing they’ll die in the process. If you’re perfectly willing to let a woman die just so a baby will be born, you are NOT “pro-life” so don’t even pretend to be.

  5. chearts77 says:

    Third time trying to write this. Page keeps refreshing as I type. grrrr

    If the women’s health/life is in danger, why not just deliver the baby early? Why “abort”? The woman still has to go through the process of delivering. Late term to me means the baby has a chance to survive outside the womb. With today’s technological advances, the rate of survival is much better than before.

    1. Colleen Lynn says:

      These are cases where if they could deliver the baby, they would. But if the baby would die, or if the woman would die if they wait any longer, this is often their only option. Late term only means that it’s in the third trimester, past the point when they can normally abort.

      Another point that a lot of people don’t think about? With late term abortions being medically necessary, almost all of these were wanted pregnancies. So you’ve got 600 people protesting at people who are already grieving for children that were wanted, but for one reason or another won’t be born.

    2. Matt says:

      That may be what late term means to you but that doesn’t matter. Not all health problems during pregnancy can be solved by simply delivering the baby early. If these people must protest abortion, which is their legal right as Americans, do it at a regular abortion clinic where women go because they just don’t want to be pregnant in the first place.

  6. whatnow says:

    Let me state that I am pro-choice. But there is a point where it is a baby. By the 7, 8 and 9 months, when late-term abortions are performed, it is a baby. If the mother’s or child’s life is at risk, a late-term abortion puts both of them more at risk then a c-section delivery. c-section you are talking minutes. With a late term abortion, the head has to be delivered, then the brain stabbed and you have to wait for the baby to be dead before the rest of the body can be taken out. Now tell me, which is more harmful to the mother’s health. People need to do real research on medical sites not pro-choice or pro-life sites before they start spouting off on something they know nothing about.

    1. Matt says:

      all in all it should be up to the mother and/or father. If they want to have it done then so be it. Everyone needs to stop pressing their opinions on others and let it be. I get it, some people don’t like it, well then just don’t have it done yourself. But if someone else has a different view they shouldn’t be ridiculed for it.

  7. whatnow says:

    I agree up to 6 months, but not after that, it is not longer an amoeba, it is a child and it is against the law to have an abortion in the 7, 8, and 9th months except for mother or baby health but the abortion puts them more at risk. 7, 8 and 9 month is not a life style choice, it is murder. And trust me, I want any woman who does not want a baby to have an abortion rather than birth and abuse a baby. But you have to draw a line somewhere. I frankly don’t know how these doctors can sleep at night.

    1. Colleen Lynn says:

      Whatnow, these are not done because the woman “does not want” a baby. Late term abortions are ONLY done for the medical reasons. in other words, as you yourself mentioned, the health of the mother or baby.

  8. whatnow says:

    That’s right Colleen Lynn. But the late-term abortion procedure puts the mother’s life more at risk then birthing the child by emergency c-section. And a late term abortion is not about the baby’s health because a late term abortion does NOT try to save the baby, it kills the baby. Study the procedure. They only birth the head, stab it in the brain, declare it dead, then birth the rest of the body. If they birth the head and before they can stab the brain the rest of the body comes out, they can’t stab it then because that would be murder. Does this really make any sense to anyone? I am adamently pro-choice but I am not so emotional with my choice that I can’t see this truth.

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