EDGEWATER, Md. (AP) — Anne Arundel County police say three people were stabbed in a brawl outside a house party in Edgewater. 

All three victims are expected to survive. One man was taken to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, and an adult and a juvenile were treated at a local hospital and released. 

Officers were called to the home shortly before 1 a.m. Sunday. Police say a house party got out of control, leading to a large fight in the street. 

Police have not identified any suspects.

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  1. pigeon says:

    Idiots can’t even have a good time without shooting, stabbing or raping someone. The morals of this country are rapidly disappearing. Mainly, in part, thanks to our judicial system and law makers, along with so many more parents not being involved in the lives of their children. No boo hoos about having to work to get things – that goes without saying. But, NEEDS far outweigh WANTS.

  2. Edgewatah Chickah says:

    Well the parent who “hosted” this underaged party apparently supplied jello shots and ice luge for the booze. Her 17 yr old daughtert said it was BYOB because it was her birthday and her friends HAD to get her drunk. Nice eh?

    And the mother has also faced 2 criminal charges (guilty) of not sending her child to school- Can not expect any less

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