Helping seniors stay in their home. That’s the goal of a local nonprofit and they’re looking for more people to assist.

Andrea Fujii explains how you can apply.

Sara Miller is happy to do the laundry.

“I have a high, steep basement and them steps was killing me. I know it killed my husband because he washed for three years,” said Miller.

Suffering from arthritis, she couldn’t make it down the steps where her washer and dryer used to be. That’s until Rebuilding Together Baltimore moved it upstairs.

“I had more independence than I had before,” said Miller.

Now the nonprofit group is accepting more applications for those in need of assistance.

“If someone is a homeowner, and they’re either over the age of 60, have a disability, or have a family with children, they can apply for our services,” said Bonnie Bessor, Rebuilding Together Baltimore.

Last year Rebuilding Together Baltimore helped make the Miller family home more energy efficient with insulation, replaced the leaky roof and put in a shower instead of a tub.

“It’s nobody but me and my husband, and I would have to call him to help me get out of the tub,” said Miller.

In the last 21 years, Rebuilding Together Baltimore has renovated more than 1,100 homes in more than 30 neighborhoods.

It gives independence to seniors and allows them to stay in their homes.

“There are a lot of families that don’t think it can happen for them, but you’ll never know unless you apply for it,” said James Miller, homeowner.

Rebuilding Together Baltimore is only accepting applications from the Pigtown/Washington Village areas, and St. Helena in the county. To apply you must call them by Friday. The number is 410-889-2710 or you can click here.


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