By Mary Bubala

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Adrianna Birk has her hands full. She’s mom to five. The youngest is Cole— just 10 months. And he looks so much like his dad Matt Birk, a Raven’s center who came to Baltimore almost two years ago after 11 seasons with the Minnesota Vikings.

Adrianna told Mary Bubala that she misses Minnesota, but last year’s massive snowfall made them feel at home.

 “They were calling saying ‘You guys have more snow than we do,’ ” Adrianna said. “I am like ‘Are you kidding me?’ But I am loving it. We’ve made lots of good friends. Really, really like it here.”

Adrianna was just featured in the Baltimore Sun magazine’s “Real Housewives of the Ravens” story.

“It was fun to get dressed up— especially when you are used to wearing jeans, having baby puke on your shoulder,” she said with a laugh.

Adrianna takes all the kids—Madison, Sydney, Ava, Grant and Cole—to one game a season,  the home opener, to watch their dad. The rest of the season she sees her time at the Ravens home games as a little break away from the kids. 

And she takes the rough and tough and often dangerous side of the game in stride.

“I think if I worry as much as I should I would make myself crazy,” she said.

Matt Birk is on a personal crusade to make football safer. Last year, he announced that after he dies, he’ll donate his brain to research into the long-term effects of concussions.  

The Harvard grad is testing a unique helmet invented by a fellow alum.

“If doing stuff like this can help make the game safer for future generations then why not,” said Matt.

“Honestly, I just pray that he’s healthy when he’s done,” said Adrianna. “That’s all I ask for.”

Matt and Adrianna Birk understand there is a lot at stake.

“Although Matt’s really busy, he always puts family first and that’s huge to us,” said Adrianna. “We love football, but family comes first.”

Comments (5)
  1. Greg Ianucci says:

    Who cares? You think a “housewife” with a husband making 40 grand a year really cares about her and her and the kids going to the opener every year?

  2. jonae says:

    I think they should start a show call Real House Wives of the Baltimore Ravens! Two thumps up

  3. RavensFan says:

    Jonae, I agree! I’d watch that! Greg – geez, bitter much?

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