Bank Robber Uses Drive-Thru Window

GERMANTOWN, Md. (AP) — Montgomery County Police say a bank in Germantown was robbed when the suspect drove up to the teller window.

It happened Monday about 6:50 p.m. at the Bank of America. Police say the suspect drove to the teller window and announced a robbery. He was given an undisclosed amount of cash.

No weapon was displayed.

  • Mad4MD

    Are you kidding? He drove up to the teller window and announced a robbery? Aren’t the tellers behind bullet proof glass? What was the robber going to do if she just walked away from the window? Hmmmmm

  • Card

    They gave him Money???
    Idiots……Remember this is not a Black and White case here…
    There is a GRAY area here……I realize the Teller’s are trained to give up the money…BUT that is INSIDE the bank..LOL

  • GoRavens

    Did he get fries and a shake with it? Unbelievable.

  • Matt S

    In defense for the teller, how did she know the man would not come inside the bank after she had refused to give him money. Its not as if the cops will arrive on site within seconds.

  • Katie Doster

    LOL. Too funny. Maybe he used the drive up window because it was too cold outside to get out of yuor car. Who knew robbing a bank could be so easy! Did he send the gun through the little tube that shoots you transaction into the bank?

  • KottaMan

    Bank of America…. it figures. Can I have some of that usurious interest back that you charged me over all these years?

  • D A B

    Now here is one for the record. Maybe the teller was involved with the robbery? Cause it would have been a good time to call the police and the criminal would have been considered the worlds dummest. But instead it goes to the teller. LOL

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