I said before Monday night’s game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Houston Texans that the Ravens needed to make a statement.  Well they made a statement all right.  They are a good football team yes, but one that piles up wins against a down league.

The statement they made Monday night was resounding.  We will not be playing in February unless something changes fast.  I’ve talked about it all season, but who could have foreseen how huge the loss of Jared Gaither has been to this offensive line?  Ray Rice has no holes to run through.

What’s more this team has zero killer instinct.  You are up 28-7 against a team that wants to quit and you let them back in the game?  Unreal.  They’re lucky they got out of there with a win Monday night, and if they lose the coin toss they probably don’t.

Ken Weinman – Host of The Ken Weinman Show on 105.7 The Fan

Comments (2)
  1. Raven Maniac says:

    Too true, the Ravens have not been a strong second half team this year. The defense has given up 4th quarter leads and the offense becomes static. I keep waiting for the “real” Ravens to show up and dominate a team. This week’s game is going to be a good indicator of how long our post season will be.

  2. Ravens59 says:

    The offense goes conservative and the defense has to stay on the field. We had the Patriots bet, changed our defense. We had the Falcons bet, offense went conservative. This offense has the potential to be unstoppable. Yet we cant get ti going. Brian B. wasted a top 5 defense for 8 years without ever getting an offense to go with it. Had he done so, no one would have ever heard of the Patriots, the Ravens could have been that dominant.

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