By Pat Warren

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Good news and bad news on the state’s economic front.  The state will have $57 million more to work with than expected, but it won’t do much to help programs or state workers, who are slated for another furlough day next week.

The estimated revenue adjustment doesn’t come close to eliminating the deficit and Governor Martin O’Malley says this year will seem even more painful than the last two because there are no more federal stimulus funds coming in.

“I wish there were just all sorts of dollars to be saved from eliminating waste, fraud and abuse or accelerating efficiencies.  We can always do what we do more efficiently but that’s not going to generate $1.2 billion.  It’s going to be a very tough budget year,” O’Malley said.

The previous deficit estimate was $1.6 billion.  The governor has promised to balance the budget without tax increases.

The General Assembly reconvenes on Jan. 12.

Comments (7)
  1. Dsfm Joseph Zurolo says:

    There the Governor goes placing more on state workers. Is it ever going to end. These employees of the state have been taking it on the chin for some time. How bout giving a break.

  2. T.E. Fahey says:

    Hey Gov. Why don’t you take a furlough ? We could all use a break.

    1. Jim Kakavas says:

      Amen Buddy! State employee…

  3. Jim Kakavas says:

    Bottom line, we are all in this together so, what happened to the Federal Government salary freeze? Not only have state employees seen their salaries frozen for 3 years but we have had numerous furlough days and layoffs “to boot”! It appears state employees are the new “middle class” of our country. Chances are that a Federal Government salary freeze might have no effect on our state coffers however, in the long run; it certainly will help with our nation’s deficit which in turn would be beneficial to us all!

  4. Doug says:

    Give it back!!! You, in government only know how to urinate our hard earned tax dollars away.I say,cut our state government in half.They are already far too big,powerful and dumb.

  5. A state employee says:

    The Gov. has never taken a pay cut or furlough day, to say we are in this together. Him and his wife has made not changes to their life style. She is a Judge in the City but lives in the County with a nice salary, a driver and security. The first family of Maryland is a joke!!

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