By Vic Carter

GREENBELT, Md. (WJZ) — She was the sole survivor and now she wants tens of millions of dollars.  Vic Carter reports Jordan Wells filed a federal lawsuit against the FAA and air traffic controller following a 2008 Medevac helicopter crash that killed four and left Wells alone on the ground and in pain.

Wells and her friend Ashley Younger were on their way home from a carnival on a rain-slicked road when they crashed after Wells lost control of the car.  They were airlifted to the hospital but never made it.

The helicopter crashed near Andrews Air Force Base, killing Younger, the pilot, a flight paramedic and an emergency medical technician.  Wells lay there, alone.

“I remember looking up at the sky, at the stars and I just prayed to God,” she said.  “I said, ‘God, please send someone to save me.'”

In the weeks that followed, Wells underwent 20 surgeries and the crash investigation underwent intense scrutiny.

Among the findings: a multitude of causes, including outdated weather information and a pilot not proficient in instrument-landing approaches.  For that reason, Wells’ attorneys are now asking for $50 million in damages.

There was no response from the attorneys about the lawsuit. 

The state has instituted new rules for medical evaluations, including adding a second pilot and paramedic on every flight and replacing outdated helicopters.

Comments (33)
  1. firemedic says:

    I do truely feel bad for this girl but you don’t ever hear about the families of those that died. She gets $50 million and they get a sympathy card and have to move on. We shouldn’t forget the others in that terrible accident. She should get some money, it was terrible what happened, but why does this have to be front page news. Let old wounds heal.

  2. TJN says:

    And her friend’s family should sue wells for 50 mil for causing the accident that put them in the helicopter

    1. Linea says:

      I completely agree!!

    2. mamabear says:

      you are right TJN.. Good point

    3. Cheryl Sherpinski says:

      She sues the gov’t but the tax payers are the ones who she is sucking the money from.

  3. Bobby D. says:

    TJN 100 % Agree……She has a wreck,injured enough to warrant Med-Evac and now wants to sue….What a Frickin JOKE!!

  4. KottaMan says:

    The attorney is smoking something. This case is not a 50-million dollar case. You trying to get 1,000 times med’s or what, counselor?

  5. Robin L. Eckert says:

    Any judge in their right mind would throw this out as a frivilous law suite

  6. nick says:

    if she would have not lost control of her car, well no accident, no chopper to air lift her. why is she sueing for something she could have prevented in the first place, what about the girlfriend and the piolet, should they not have a right to sue, i had to be air lifted for a heart attack, and they had to get a chopper from delaware to take me to st. joses and i still had to pay 5k after ins

  7. nick says:

    sorry for my words spelled wrong,,miss typed

  8. nick says:

    i do not think she will win this one,

  9. Laura says:

    She will win, that is why Dr’s insurance is so terribly high. Because people get to sue for everything that is mainly their fault and insurance companies pay them off to just go away. She should just be thanking God that she is alive, and feeling for the families of all the other lost. She appears to be young, which also means inexperience on the road, especially wet roads. I wonder if she is planning on taking part of that 50 grand and giving oh i dont know maybe half to her friends family. I wonder if the pilot, medic, and EMT had children, maybe part of it should go to the children.
    It is terribly sad the way things have gotten today. Sue over this sue over that.

    Just sad, the girl needs to look to God everyday and thank him that she still has a life.

  10. Darin says:

    THIS is why our health care is soooo damn expensive!!

  11. Christine says:

    I understand wanting medical bills paid, but 50 million dollars? That isn’t going to erase what happened, or give her what she has lost back. Money doesn’t buy happiness. All lawsuits in the this case, including the pending one from the Paramedic’s wife, is ridiculous and have no merit.

  12. Matthew Don Pablo Curtian says:

    Forget thinking “Thank God I’m Alive” Forget “Dear Lord my best Friend is dead” or That you were drunk and crashed in the first place NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Instead you think “How much money can I milk out of the State because I was a stupid little Girl”

  13. John W. says:

    Do you people read? It said nothing about her being intoxicated. The road was wet and she lost control…that is what an accident is… She should get money. There were many things wrong about that flight that should have been prevented. And yet, any other person involved who’s family member was not at fault should sue too. The article tells us that there were many problems “including outdated weather information and a pilot not proficient in instrument-landing approached”. How is the state not wrong by letting an pilot who’s not qualified fly the chopper?!!?

    1. TJN says:

      John W.
      If you or a loved one needs a airlift and it takes much of your savings just remember this article

    2. Matthew Don Pablo Curtian says:

      I was actually at the same place she was the night it happened. So before you say anything get it through your head that Sue happy People like this are ruining the society we live in. I bet you would do the same thing.

    3. Retired Chief says:

      That was no accident. She was driving recklessly and caused the collision. Let the deceased families sue her for causing the incident in the first place.

  14. Antoinette Esposito says:

    i agree 100% with you john w. well said!

  15. hls says:

    Everybody has forgotten that no one needed the helicopter ride that night.
    The ambulance crew didn’t want to drive to Baltimore. Those guys will eventually retire on cushy government pensions at age 45.

    That said, the person who should be sued is the one that was driving too fast for the road conditions.

    The lawyers are bleeding this country to death

  16. Craig says:

    John, I have no problem with her getting something if there was negligence that caused the crash but asking $50 is absurd to me.

  17. Theresa H says:

    I personally think she has already “won”. She won a 2nd chance in life, more than we can say for the others involved whom lost their lives

  18. Poca says:

    This was a accident JUST like hers and $50 million is insane the families that have dead family members are the ones who should be upset she lived and is finally able to enjoy her life.
    Things happen and the weather caused her accident why is it no one is sueing her for killing her friend but she is sueing the helicopter for crashing?

  19. D. Bos. of Balt. says:

    It was her fault to start with, and she is sueing for $50 Mil. You people are the reson the economy is garbage…..

  20. bobbie says:

    This is complete BS. Another group of anbulanfce chashers, and a girl who put herself in this position. When you drive, you know there are consequences and you acceptd those. She was driving. They were tring to save her life. Givre me a freaking break. Another person wanting ;a free ride in life. I have been in accidents..bad ones. I was thankful to be alive and am and still live with the consequences. I hATE PEOPLE LOOKING FOR FREE RIDES IN LIFE.

  21. scarlett says:

    This girl should get down every day and thank god she is alive. I hate ambulance chasher attorneys and people looking for a free ride in life.

  22. eagle says:

    retired chief. That can happen. This girl can be sued in reqlity and may be. The tab les can turn real quick.

    1. mamabear says:

      Let’s hope so and maybe the family of the pilot and the dead girl should sue her for actually causing the accident and requiring the chopper.. Maybe she will wind up in the poor house once she pays everyone whose lives she changed

  23. Susan says:

    We need to revamp our laws. People will sue for hangnails and insurance companies pay to get rid of them. Its criminal. This girl was drunk and driving. Sue her.

  24. Medic guy says:

    Neither one of them was sick enough to even warrant a flight. MD was flying so much much MOI stuff at that time it wasn’t even funny. I would never let myself or a family member be put in a helicopter for a seatbelt rash.

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