Baltimore Colts Hall Of Famer Raymond Berry joins The Scott Garceau Show. Raymond talks about his career and his relationship with Johnny Unitas. He also gives us his thoughts on the current state of the league and which receivers he likes to watch.

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  1. Thomas Blazuckli says:

    Raymond Berry is CLASS from head to toe. From his early days at Southern Methodist, to the Baltimore Colts glory days to being Head Coach of the New England Patriots, he is one of the most decent men that I have ever had the honor to meet.

  2. Dominic Romano says:

    I completely agree with Mr. Blazuckli. I met Raymond Berry unexpectedly, 45 years ago. His total graciousness and willingness to speak with a teen-aged stranger who recognized him a public place is something I have never forgotten and never will. It was an honor and a privilege; it remains so today.

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