By Mike Hellgren

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Baltimore City teacher has been suspended after police say they caught him in a sex act with a teenage boy.

Mike Hellgren has more on how the teacher met the young boy.

According to charging documents, the teacher and the teen connected online, although police are not saying what website they used.  Right now, the teacher faces sex abuse, sex offense and assault charges.

Francis Bowen said his sister spotted a car with steamed up windows off Victory Lane in Bel Air. 

Police say teacher Mark Hyzer, 25, was inside, having sex with a 15-year-old boy he met online. 

“She thought it was very suspicious and she called police and the police, within 10 minutes, they were there,” said Bowen.

Hyzer lives in Baltimore and teaches at Beechfield Elementary. Administrators placed him on leave after his arrest.

“Even though there’s been an arrest made, we will continue that investigation and follow up on the Internet issue, whether or not he’s been here before, if we have any other additional victims.  No indication of that at this point,” said Sgt. David Betts.

The teacher told police the boy looked like a very young 18-year-old and he tried to verify his age on his online profile.  He said the boy also sent him a text message saying he was 18.

Charging documents detail a variety of sex acts the teacher and teen performed on each other before police arrived. 

“The car immediately started, turned on their lights but the officer blocked the car from moving and within another couple minutes…another car came from behind and blocked them in,” Bowen said.

“When you call in something suspicious, you never know what it’s going to lead to.  In this case we’re helping a 15-year-old that was subjected to sexual acts with an adult,” said Betts.

Police say Hyzer confessed to having sex and the boy’s story matched his.  He’s being held on $500,000 bond.

Police said they are still investigating this and they do not believe there were any other victims.

Hyzer faces a maximum of 46 years in jail if convicted.

Comments (8)
  1. howard says:

    What’s the problem? If he is a Democrat, it’s OK–give the man a raise and then he can run for office–as a Democrat hero. Or he can join the military.

  2. erik says:

    The age of consent in Maryland is still 16 years old last time I checked, so I wonder if can explain to its viewers why a supposed consensual sex act with a 15 year old is considered “sex abuse”
    under the law? Was the man his teacher? priest? uncle?, etc… Those sorts of roles/ positions of “authority” meet the definition of “sexual abuse” under the law. With the facts reported by, it should
    be a maximum of 10 years of prison time faced for statutory rape. Thats it! However, if the boy sent nude pictures to the man, the man gave him drugs or alcohol, the man was his teacher, uncle, physically
    forced the boy or showed or implied a weapon, etc., etc. I could certainly see how those things could add up to 50 years of state and federal charges, but how do we go from 10 years to 50 years? I am not
    condoning sex with underage boys, but I wonder if the police and/or WJZ are having some “problems” with the fact that there was GAY sex involved? and that it was not a policeman. Several years ago, there was
    a policeman working out of the Dundalk precint. He engaged in sex acts with a boy he worked with at a school. This met the definition of “sexual abuse” since the abuser was 1) a policeman who carries a
    weapon and drove the boy in his police car and 2) the policeman worked at the boys school and 3) the boy’s parent(s) entrusted the boy into the police officer’s care. My recollection is that the boy was 13,
    but I may be wrong. However, he did attend middle school during the sex act(s) with the policeman. Although this sexual abuser is of course no longer a policeman and on the Maryland sex offender registry for
    at least 7 years, the police officer is presently living at home and is no longer in prison. To my knowledge, he served less than 2 years. Perhaps WJZ could do a compare and contrast of these 2 cases and
    explain why the policeman who should of been in jail for more than 10 years under the law served less than 2 years, and how a man in the article above who should face 10 years or less is facing over 40
    years in prison. If he is tried in the state of Maryland, I don’t see how a judge can legally convict the man in this article for less than 10 years.I suppose the sentence for statuatory rape in Maryland has
    been increased from 10 years to 40+ years. It seems rather harsh because at the rate of multiplication of sentences by 400%, it makes it feasible that the policeman from Dundalk precint who sexually sbused a
    boy several years ago could have under the 400% sentence increase applied here could have conservatively been sentenced to 100 years, yet somehow the policeman served less than 2 years. I’m not saying the
    ex-officer or the man in this article are horrible or sick people. I don’t personally know them. However, it doesn’t make sense to me how the ex-officer served less than 2 years and WJZ is talking about over
    40 years for the man in this article, but I do not have a degree in math, so please clarify this math for us.I’m sure I am not the only WJZ viewer that does not understand the above math.

    1. Judy says:

      Who gives a f uck?! Seriously- WHY IS ALMOST EVERY POST IN DEFENSE OF THIS MAN. What the hell is going on?!!!

  3. JaSoN says:

    I understand where you are coming from. However, if you got pulled over for going 86mph in a 65mph zone, would you think yuo should go to prison for 6 months? Be careful what you wish for! Police and District Attorneys and politicicans and the media can do some magical things when you least expect it.

    1. Judy says:

      WHATEVER THE LAW IS, IF I BREAK IT I WANT TO BE PUNISHED AT THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW- AS THIS GUY SHOULD! Stop justifying, stop comparing- if the fullest extent he can be punished is 46 years, let him SERVE HIS 46 YEARS! Who cares if they didn’t punish the officer from Dundalk as much (they should have), got to start dishing out the right amount of punishment sometime and this is a great place to start! JAIL HIM!!!

  4. JaSoN says:

    if I understand the story correctly looks like the Dundalk -police officer you mentioned got a sweet, sweet deal. 100pounds of sugar minimum

    1. Jen Riley says:


  5. amanda says:

    Completely missing the point and what does the teeth of the people in Dundalk have to do with anything??? Just because someone works in Dundalk does not mean they live there!

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