BALTIMORE (WJZ)–It was the deadliest fire in Baltimore this year.  The six victims of last week’s tragedy in East Baltimore were remembered Wednesday.

Andrea Fujii has the story.

Nearly 3,000 people attended the funerals for three generations of the Satterfield family.

“It’s a horrific loss,” said Monica Torain, niece of victim.

Six members of the same family died on Dec. 14 when a 2-alarm fire tore through a rowhome on Homewood Avenue.  Killed were homeowners Richard Satterfield, 75, and his wife of 49 years, 69-year-old Elnora. Their granddaughter, Tiara Gholston, 26, and her three children Amari Windley, 9, Darryon Faulkner, 3, and Daelyn Faulkner, 1, also died in the fire.

“They wanted for nothing.  Amari was a great student,” said Marlene Hamm, Tiara’s aunt.

“She was always there for the holidays.  She was happy to see us and we were happy to see her.  She would always being the kids along. She was a really good cousin,” said Angela Epps, Tiara’s cousin.

The service at the Empowerment Temple was standing room only.  

Gholston and her three children will be buried together in Baltimore.  Mr. and Mrs. Satterfield will be laid to rest in North Carolina, their home state.

“I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose your parents, and nieces and nephews, and a sister all in one day,” said Rev. Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant, pastor.

All the family says they can do is lean on each other and remember these old and young lives cut tragically short.

“Beautiful people, beautiful people,” said Torain.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. 

The fire department has since confirmed that there were working fire detectors in the home.

Comments (3)
  1. Noliy AlwayBeenbad Eaton says:

    This Is So Sad

  2. Simone Lipscomb says:

    This family believed in Jesus Christ, so their physical deaths are not in vain. Give your life to Christ today. Accept His gift of eternal life in Heaven.

  3. bmorecareful says:

    u joking right?

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