BALTIMORE (WJZ) –There was traffic trouble along the The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore on Thursday.

Police shut the bridge down when a tractor-trailer flipped over onto another tractor-trailer.

The strong winds were likely to blame.

The mess was eventually cleaned up and the bridge is now open.

Comments (2)
  1. Doug says:

    This crash speaks to a larger concern.Our bridges are at third world status and yet the Governor sees more state helicopters as a greater need.If that’s the case,send one over to my house to take me to the dentist office.After all, I fear going over that rickety old bridge.Thank you in advance

  2. Matt says:

    The bridge didn’t cause this accident.Bridges don’t cause accidents, people do.Many people kill people every day on highways in our country and people want to blame bridges and not themselves.Your chance of getting into a car accident in Baltimore/D.C. area is higher than in more than 90% of cities in the entire country,even cities with bridges in worse shape than the Key Bridge.Research from insurance companies confirms this.

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