BALTIMORE (WJZ)–The weather is one big question mark for travelers hitting the roads and the airports this weekend.

Weijia Jiang has more on the obstacles facing those going home for the holidays and the latest travel conditions.

The more than 44 million people moving through U.S. airports this holiday shared a mission of making it in time for Christmas. But tighter security checks threatened a speedy trip.

The nation’s no-fly list has doubled since last year.

New scanners and more invasive pat downs— and then there’s the weather. A nasty snowfall hit the Midwest, triggering delays across the board.

 Some forecasters predict a monster storm is brewing down south with the entire east coast as a target.

 Laura Brown hopes to fly from BWI-Marshall airport to Florida.

 “Hopefully it’ll hold out,” Brown said. “If not I don’t have a choice. But I have my overnight bag in case of emergency.”

Many travelers opted to bypass the airports altogether. Baltimore’s Penn Station saw steady traffic all day and well into the night.

“It’s a lot less hassle,” said Drema Marks, Penn Station traveler. “I’ve enjoyed it. It’s comfortable and quiet, nice.”

And cheaper—that’s why David Shock decided to board a train instead of the usual plane from North Carolina.

“Flying was fine. It’s just gotten so expensive. With all the security now I just don’t want to fool with it,” Shock said.

Planes and trains are popular, but AAA says automobiles dominate.

“Ninety-four percent will be driving,” said Ragina Averella, AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesperson.

That’s despite gas prices, which for the first time ever during Christmas time crept above the $3 mark.

“I think it’s upsetting,” said Sue Sober, motorist.

“It does pain me to see that,” said Mark Giuliano. “The fact that I’m driving to Massachusetts later on doesn’t make it too good.”

What is good is arriving. Brown says it makes all the pain worthwhile.

“I just want to get there safe and be with family,” she said.

Be sure to stay with WJZ for complete coverage of the holiday travel all weekend long. You’ll find updated travel conditions and the latest weather forecast right here on our website.


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