BALTIMORE (WJZ)–WJZ crews spent the day across Maryland checking out the problems caused by the snow.

Derek Valcourt reports from Northwest Baltimore, where trucks are working around the clock.

The big concern is the overnight temperatures being so low.  There are lots of icy patches on the roads, which is part of why crews are already beginning to lay down salt. They’ve used 500 tons of salt just in the Baltimore area, and there’s a lot of plowing going down on the Eastern Shore.

On the Eastern Shore, the shovels are out with a vengeance. That region, along with parts of southern Maryland, got hammered by a coastal snowstorm that started early Sunday morning and continued to unload upwards of 7 inches in some areas.

Gusting winds combined with heavy snow have reduced visibility.

Conditions are so bad the National Guard humvees are now helping local fire departments and state troopers.

“Last winter was a little more severe right now,” said Major Jon Black, Maryland National Guard. “But if the wind picks up, we’re going to get those same conditions, even if we don’t have the same depth we had.”

State highway crews have been monitoring road conditions on the Eastern Shore, where plows have been hard at work all day.

Closer to Baltimore, the snowfall has been steady but much lighter by comparison.

Side roads are a little bit bad, but so far the main roads are great.

Crews have been preparing for the storm for days—pre-treating some roads with chemicals earlier this weekend.

Salt trucks are already treating some roads, sitting at the ready along others.

State highway officials say they’ll spring into action where needed, as temperatures plummet overnight— potentially causing dangerous conditions.

“You may see bare pavement, but you never know with bridges, ramps, overpasses, there’s always that potential for icy and slick conditions,” said Kellie Boulware, State Highway Administration spokesperson.

All this snow won’t scare away duck hunters Jim and Ken Griffin, who are taking their time as they drive to Ocean City.

“Drive a little less than you normally do,” said Ken Griffin. “Don’t do anything crazy and you’ll be fine.”

Crews in the city and around the state will be working hard while you sleep, trying to make sure the Monday morning commute goes as smooth as possible. The state says they’re going to have some thousand of pieces of equipment out on the road Sunday night, plowing in some areas and salting others.

To view live road conditions, click here.

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  1. cold in MD says:

    Can someone please teach these journalists proper grammar? The title should read “its mark,” not “it’s mark.”

  2. Heidi McGahan says:

    To Cold in MD: You must be a school teacher, who never gave their students a break.

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