JESSUP, Md. (WJZ/AP)– It’s not all good news for the Ravens.

Baltimore Ravens rookie linebacker Sergio Kindle was arrested early Sunday on drunken driving charges, court records show.

Kindle, 23, was pulled over shortly after 4 a.m. Sunday in the Jessup area. He was cited for driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding and related offenses and was freed on $10,000 bond.

“I haven’t talked to the team yet, but I spoke with one of the security guards,” Kindle said in a telephone interview. “First and foremost, I would apologize. I don’t want to put the organization’s name in a negative light due to my actions. I don’t know what’s going to happen or how they’re going to handle that.”

Asked how much he had to drink, Kindle said: “It wasn’t much, but I guess it was enough. I guess it was enough for me to fail a Breathalyzer. It was over the limit.”

Ravens officials were traveling back from Sunday’s victory over Cleveland and weren’t immediately available to comment.Kindle, a second-round draft pick, hasn’t suited up for the Ravens this year. The former University of Texas star fractured his skull after falling down two flights of stairs in late July at a friend’s house in Austin, Texas. He revealed last week that doctors told him he might be forced to sit out next season as well.

Kindle was signed to a one-year, $320,000 contract with no signing bonus or incentives and placed on the reserve non-football injury list. The Ravens could tender him or allow him to become a free agent next year.

He had off-field incidents at Texas, including crashing his car into an apartment building when he said he was texting while driving.

No word on what his blood alcohol level was.

Comments (21)
  1. pigeon says:

    So young! SO DARN STUPID! Rehab for him & no doubt the Ravens will “foot” the bill.

  2. you already know says:

    What a dumb ass!!!…or maybe his fall down some stairs earlier this year affected that part of the brain that distinguishes bewtween to drink or not to drink…BTW…beware of Howard County cops…worst a-holes in the country!!!!

  3. Al co Hol says:

    Cut him. Fell drunk down stairs and now puts the public at risk. PR disaster

  4. dave says:

    atleast he didn’t stab or rob somebody, I say give him another chance

  5. Paul says:

    Umm…alcoholic maybe?

  6. sannerman says:

    Drinking Just ONE then DRIVING IIS TO MANY.

  7. Bert says:

    anheuser busch doesn’t show this kind of thing on an commercials- sosmetimes it’s other things in life that are distroyed- there is the killing and tha maiming and also the loss of employment and careers- maybe all adds should be fair ballanced and not just show the “happy drinkers”

  8. pigeon says:

    Hey Dave, would you feel same way if he t-boned a vehicle which one of your loved ones was driving but “didn’t make it”. Too many 2nd chances = too many deaths. This young man has a history of drinking problems.
    And, Bert, all companies making, brewing, etc., alcoholic beverages – not just A/B. And if you listen to the ads more carefully they do advise to drink responsibly (that is possible).

  9. Doug says:

    Have a drink,
    have a drive,
    go out and see what you can find….

  10. Shawna3 says:


  11. chearts77 says:

    $320K for one year for sitting on the bench??? Hire me Ravens!! I’ll keep your bench warm.

  12. Chaz says:

    I’ll sit on the bench and drink beer for 100k a year…

  13. Feisty4#83 says:

    Is it a pre requisite to have legal problems when you play for this team or do they have some sort of curse?? For the love of GOD every time I turn around one of those morons are doing something illegal and or highly questionable that makes the news. Word to the wise Ravens convicts and probationers……if you are going to do something stupid do it to yourself and don’t harm innocent people!!! And oh yeah….GO PATRIOTS!!!

  14. Heartwings says:

    Wonder what would happen if the NFL had a zero tolerance policy for anything related to drugs or alcohol or felony conviction before entering NFL or after? I bet a lot of guys would keep their noses clean for that kind of money. While we are on that, I will do absolutely nothing for the Ravens for just $75K a year- hire me, I need a job and don’t drink & drive or use drugs or hang out at bars & have a clean police & driving record too!

    1. feisty$#83 says:

      If that were the case there would be no such thing as the Baltimore Ravens…..:) Baltimore would be football-less once again.

  15. Heartwings says:

    PS- If this guy is well enough to party til 4am then drive 70MPH in his Caddie, why can’t he do some actual work for the Ravens to earn that waste of money? I mean, can’t he stand there and hold a clipboard & run drills, hand out Gatorade or something useful? I bet he can answer a telephone for heaven sakes! Football players make too much money (which is probably why tickets cost so much and many people like me can’t afford to actually go to a game) but how can anyone make so much and do NOTHING for it? What is wrong with this picture?

  16. pearl says:

    wow, maybe the Ravens should drop him and drop his salary too. With the amount of money you make idiot, you could have called a cab or a limo. And you are right Heartwings. For that amount of money being wasted on this worthless piece of junk, we could build 2 homes (Habitat for Humanity???) and house 2 families and I bet THEY would appreciate it.

  17. ladyKotic says:

    YOUNG..DUMB….full of_______!!!

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