WASHINGTON (AP) —  Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski will become the longest serving woman in the history of the U.S. Senate when she is sworn in for her fifth term next week. 

Mikulski, a 74-year-old Democrat, first won her Senate seat in 1986. On Wednesday, Mikulski will break the record of the late Republican Sen. Margaret Chase Smith, who represented Maine in the Senate for 24 years. 

Mikulski has long been known as the dean of Democratic women in the Senate and a leader on women’s issues. 

Not until 1992 did Senate membership include more than two female senators at a time. Mikulski knows what it was like to be one of only two, and she has relished the growing number of women beside her over the years. 

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Comments (11)
  1. Doug says:

    Technically she’s the shortest serving senator

  2. TJ says:

    She came, she spent, she stayed and spent (millions) more…

    1. PEG says:

      Yep – having Milkulski and Cardin as our Senators along with fellow spend-a-holics O’Malley, Hoyer and Pelosi (who hails from Baltimore) should make Maryland proud – kind of like the pride the Russian people felt in the communist years!

  3. Paul says:

    Only a fool is continually elected by a foolish electorate.

  4. Monty Baker says:

    I agree Peg.

  5. Johnny Black says:

    Babs is the most useless senator from any state in the union. What a terrible loss for maryland to have her as a senator.

  6. MD Resident says:

    This is hardly something to be proud of. What a waste of a senate seat for all these years. Keep spending us into oblivion Babs!

  7. baltobikeboi says:

    wow. I mean wow people. Guess we can all assume you got coal in your stockings you bunch of hateful pricks and prickettes. If Mikulski was so bad and now there for SO LONG guess that makes you all the MOST incompetent opposition in the history of American politics ha.


    1. MD Resident says:

      Your message seems to identify you as the hateful one – HA

  8. Robin says:

    I have always voted for Mikulski until this last election. I sent her an email asking her not to support the dream act and she sent me back a form email stating that “we are all immigrants or descendants of immigrants and we have to welcome these “new Amreicans” to our country. So needless to say she cares about getting illegal alien votes because she knows she has done absolutely nothing to make jobs in Maryland let alone anything else. She is worthless and should retire because she is just a figurehead at this point and worthless as a Senator. She cares much more for her political party than her constiuents. I am dissapointed that so many people voted for her. You’ll see when she helps to pass the dream act and we are stuck paying for illegals even more than we are payingh now which the average citizen would not believe.

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