Baltimore Police Search For Missing Teen

BALTIMORE — Baltimore police are searching for a missing teenager. 

They say Phylicia Barnes, 16, was visiting family in Baltimore for the holidays.  She is from North Carolina and isn’t familiar with the area.

She was last seen Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. on Eberle Drive.  She was wearing a navy blue peacoat with a hood, a turquoise thermal shirt, blue jeans, white slippers/boots and a caramel-colored purse.  She is 5’8″ and 120 pounds.

If you have any information, please call police.

  • Jen Riley

    didn’t even see an amber alert on the message board near key bridge. guess cuz she’s not a blonde hair b lue eyed girl……………

    • Westie

      Amber Alert cant be issued if ….
      Baltimore City PD has to request
      has to be in a vehicle
      has to be an abduction

      • Jen Riley

        oh, wow, i did not know this.

      • Stephanie Anderson Msm

        That’s not true. There are 4 steps that have to be taken before an AMber Alert is issued. I know because we issued one for my daughter.

    • UA Mom

      Phylicia’s uncle is a Lt. with the local PD so if an Amber Alert was warranted, it would have already happened. Please, no negativity. Only positivity and pray for her safe return!!

  • NC Friends

    dear baltimore police department,
    please bring her home to us.
    we are praying.

    • D. Bos of Baltimore


    • Carolyn Ross

      Please find her and bring her home to her Mother! She is one of our N.C. sweet girls! My prayers go out to her family!

  • Melissa Green

    i hope she makes it home

  • Jackie K

    This is about finding a young girl. Please everyone –share with family, friends and post on your facebook or what have you. Help get the word out!!!

    Keeping the Barnes family in my thoughts!

  • Candace

    Please help bring Phylicia back safely! She is a smart, caring young lady who is a friend of ours. We are praying that she is safe and for comfort for her family during this terrible time. We love you Phylicia!

  • pigeon

    Jen, stuff a shock in it – you prejudice or something?!
    I pray this young lady is found safe and returned to her family. God rules no matter what the color of her skin or hair is.
    No family should ever have to go through what this family and thousands of others are going through because of a missing child. Peace be with all of them.
    And I do question, also, why no amber alert was issued/put out on this case.

    • Bring Phylicia Home

      As Westie stated, there are probably rules/regulations for Amber Alerts and if her uncle is a local police officer, I am sure they are doing everything they can.

      Jen’s comment does not make her racist. It happens all too often that certain missing children receive more media attention simply because of their physical attributes, socioeconomic status, or situation.

  • Nancy


    • Karen Stratton

      My prayers and support that she returns safely.

  • Teresa Thacker

    NC Friends..My son is with the local PD. Believe me when I say they are doing everything they can. We pray for her safe return.

  • Renette

    I am a friend of her father, stepmother and sisters and they are good people. Words can not explain how bad I feel for the Barnes family.. Please open your hearts and pray for them. I pray for a safe return home.. Please if anyone has seen or heard anything that can help them find her please call the police..

  • Angela Tims

    Phylicia is my daughter’s bestfriend and like a daughter to me, if you have seen her or have information please contact the police. It is our duty and responsibility to keep our children safe. “We are our brother’s keeper”

    Angie Tims

  • Bonnie Briscoe

    WJZ please keep this information on your site until our niece, Phylicia Barnes is found. The family ask for your continued prayers. Everyone Repost on facebook and other social sites to get the word out please.

  • chessie

    Although I don’t know her, I’m a mother too, please return Philicia to her family!

  • MOM Barrett

    Dear Lord I pray Phylicia is brought home safe. Anyone knowing anything or having to do with her dessapearance give them no rest and no peace until they report any thing. She is a beautiful child. Dear God please bring her home. Please everyone don’t stop praying the family and friends need your uplifting.

  • Kaetib

    I have posted to my FB. I have lots of friends in bmore. Sending prayers and love.

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  • Anna Londono Geisler

    In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray Dear Lord please keep this beautiful young lady safe as you guide her home to her family and friends which wait for her with open arms. In your love and Holy Sprit Amen.

  • William Bartlett

    My family and I will be praying for the safe return of this young lady..

  • Bigelows

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the Barnes family and everyone who knows and loves Phylicia. The Bigelows

  • disisyou

    have posted on my face book page for her safe return

  • F Williams

    Michael what does it take to be on amber-alert
    Do you have to be a infant, child or teen
    Black, white or other
    Missing for one minute or within 24 hours
    or all you riding in a car or walking around
    So what does it take to be on Amber-Alert

    • berlynn

      im’m along with you, what does it take to be on amber alert?

  • Mary

    I am praying for the safe return of this beautiful young lady and I would do anything to help start a search group in an effort to bring her home safe and sound. Please, anyone who may know anything about her whereabouts, please come forward now and do what is right. This is a 16 year old girl who is a child and she does not deserve this kind of torture.

  • Samantha Smith

    Lord I pray for Phylicia Barnes and other children that have been taken against their will to be returned to their love ones unharmed. I pray for the minds of those who are holding these children captive that they will set the children free. To the Barnes family, hold on to God’s unchanging hand and pray and God will see you through this trying time.

  • Bonnie Briscoe

    The family is searching the city today w/ flyers we need your help. come to 6520 elerle drive now and tell anyone you see you are there to help search.

  • Mr. Anderson

    Phylicia is a Golden Young Lady…Please, oh Supreme Lord, bring her home to safety…enfold Phylicia now and guide her to sanctuary…
    Mr. Anderson

  • Auntie

    God in his mercy knows what Simone is going through and just as Joseph told his brothers when they sold him into slavery: “you meant it for harm, but God meant it for good”. But though I may in my spiritual heart may hope and believe that something good may come out of this horrific situation, my heart likewise bleeds and weep for the pain and suffering she may be going through. I thank all of you for your prayers and concerns for my niece. And I pray for the soul of the person who may have her enslaved or has done her harm.

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