ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Power suppliers that sell electricity in Maryland will have to buy more energy from solar sources under a law taking effect Saturday.

The law moves up the timetable for making solar energy part of the state’s renewables portfolio standard. It also aims to create jobs in the solar power industry while boosting the state’s use of renewable energy to protect the environment.

The change is expected to increase the cost of residents’ electricity bills in the next few years by about 5 cents a month. The cost is higher, however, for the average commercial ratepayer who will pay an estimated 66 cents more each month.

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  1. MD Resident says:

    Wow! This is such terrible news. Let me see if I have this straight. Power suppliers that sell electricity to Maryland WILL HAVE TO BUY MORE SOLAR ENERGY so that prices will go up for consumers. Only the global warming nut jobs could support this one. Oh, and all those jobs that will be created are a myth. It’s already been shown in Europe that for every “alternative energy” job created, 2 or more other jobs are lost. Way to go Maryland. I guess this will go right along with the “smart grid” that BG&E is developing with federal money. After they finish installing their “smart” technology in your homes, the obvious next step is to begin regulating just how much energy you can use in your home. After all, only the federal government knows how much energy you should be using. Thus, they will either cut your energy back for you with their “oh-so-smart grid”, or charge you extra when you use more than you are allowed. Can’t wait!

  2. Solar is Good says:

    This is excellent news! I’m so proud that my state is taking a strong policy towards renewable energy. In countries like Germany that use lots of solar energy, the rate payers only see very small increases in their bills, equal to a few Euros a month- basically the same as a latte at a café. And if you think about it, every other form of energy is subsidized in one way or another and we’ll be paying for consequences of dirty energy from coal, oil and nuclear for along time.

    Despite the previous comment there is no doubt that Solar Energy creates jobs- here is a source to back up my claim that is rich with studies and examples from around the world:

    Anyone with half a brain knows that renewable energy programs create jobs. It’s a win for the environment and it’s a win for the people of Maryland!

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