BALTIMORE (WJZ)–The deaths of two women from carbon monoxide poisoning brought an East Baltimore community together Saturday night to remember.

 Suzanne Collins has more on the solemn gathering.

 The message the family of the victims want out is: make sure to have a carbon monoxide detector in your home to prevent a tragedy like this. A woman who sang at the vigil broke down. More than 100 people gathered to remember the carbon monoxide victims.

The daughter of one, Mikeia Lucas, was in Georgia with her dad for Christmas, or she too might have breathed the poison gas. 

“I know my mother is now in a better place and that she’s looking down on me smiling,” said Mikeia’s daughter MyKerra Lucas. “I’ll take every step at a time. I’m going to take care of my brother and make sure he’s OK. Make her proud.”

The son of victim Vonita Gibbs wore a shirt with photos of both women.

“That’s all I got to remember them by is pictures, so I had to get a shirt. That’s the only thing I have,” said Devearl Singletary, victim’s son.

On Tuesday, the fire department raced to Guilford Avenue, finding the two victims dead from the lethal fumes. Three others were unconscious.

The levels of carbon monoxide were in the 500 parts per million range—35 parts per million requires a mask and breathing equipment.

Investigators found there was no carbon monoxide detector, despite a new city law that went into effect last March requiring them.

The father of Vonita, who was taken from the home unconscious,  remembered the horrifying experience.

“I felt so totally helpless,” said Michael Lucas. “Ain’t nothing I could do to help them. Couldn’t get up. When I did try to get up, I fell right back down to the ground.”

At the end of the vigil, balloons were released to the sky.

A funeral will be held at St. Ann’s Catholic Church at 11 a.m. on Thursday.

Inspectors say the source of the carbon monoxide was a stove that was being used for heat.

Comments (6)
  1. Doug says:

    Wonder if the heater had been serviced .
    I’m using an infared quartz heater.
    I don’t trust gas

  2. Donna Hutton says:

    Mykerra Lucas and her brother will be in my prayers. Mykerra will be strong for her and her brother, and Mikeia will be proud of her. Mikeia will have that pretty smile on her face!!!

  3. Jocelyn Sowa says:

    I knew Mikeia, she was always smiling and such a pleasant woman! I am sadden to hear this news. I will keep her family in my thoughts and hope that they can recover from losing such a wonderful family member!

  4. Morgan Mosley says:

    I also knew Mikeia. She worked at my school. Every morning I would walk into the cafe, and Mikeia would smile at me and wish me good morning. She even would call me “Mister Pleasant.” She was respectfully and friendly to everyone, even if she was tired or not feeling the best. Even now when I’m writing this, I can’t believe she’s gone. The new semester starts in just 3 weeks, and it saddens me that I’ll never experience her beautiful smile and warm presence ever again. I can’t imagine what Mikeia’s family must be going through, especially her children. But I wish them all the best, and I’ll keep them in my prayers.

  5. Rodnet Brooks says:

    I also knew mikeia and Ms Nita. Mikeia is my daughter`s aunt and Ms Nita., my daughter`s grandma.. Very sweet people… Mikeia kept a smile on her face, always and she was a dedicated mom to both her children, very out going. And out spoken… Ms Nita always had her grand children, and also kept a smile weather she was feel`n good or not! I have spent some time with them n that very house on Guilford Ave. And it breaks my heart that this has happen to two beautiful people… My daughter`s only aunt on her dads side of the family and her grandma…. And what really hurts is when my 5yr. Old ask about them…..i just keep mykerra , her brother and my daughter`s dad in prayer.. I love them all very much!

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