Biden And Bush Names Could Grace New Del. School

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — Biden is a maybe, but the name Bush will definitely be going up on the side of a new Delaware school.

If the voters say so, the new Wilmington elementary and preschool school could be called the Joseph R. Biden Jr. Elementary School & Bush Early Education Center. Brandywine School District officials are letting the public vote on the name and the vice president is one of the finalists.

The first part of the name is up to the voters, but school officials say the Bush name will be part of the eventual name.

However, the school will not be named for the former Republican presidents, but for former Delaware educator Charles W. Bush, said Alexis Andrianopoulos, a school district spokeswoman.

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  • Doug

    And the children will come out,so much smarter,based on a silly name?
    The truth here is,we the Sheeple pay more for our kids’ education,then anywhere on planet earth.
    Yet,most in High School kids can barely add,subtract or read past an Archie comic book
    No bang for the buck, in are failure of a school system.
    .Home school them.
    Give them a computer with the appropriate apps,
    and save us countless billions.Socialize them at a public park.
    Notice, I’m on a computer now,
    and it’s helped even me,to spell better

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