By Mike Hellgren

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A 16-year-old is still missing. Phylicia Barnes was last seen exactly one week ago in Northwest Baltimore. The FBI has joined the search for her, and now, her mother is revealing some troubling information.

Mike Hellgren reports Phylicia’s mother now says some bad behavior was going on in the house hours before her daughter went missing.

Phylicia’s mother is not only heartbroken, but also livid at one of Phylicia’s sisters, who she says didn’t do enough to keep her safe.

Phylicia Barnes is an “A” student from North Carolina. She was in Baltimore visiting family for the holidays when she disappeared a week ago.

All along, Barnes’ family has said they think she was going to get food, when she suddenly stopped answering her cell phone.

“I feel that she is being sexually assaulted against her will. I feel that she is being physically abused. I feel that she could be a part of the human trafficking,” said Barnes’ mother, Janice Sallis.

Phylicia Barnes missed her flight home, never updated Facebook, and while she took her cell phone, it hasn’t been used.

Sallis says she just found out that her Phylicia Barnes’ sister created a bad environment for Barnes at her apartment, where she was staying.

Sallis says there was not only lots of alcohol and marijuana, but also men — more than a dozen of them — coming in and out of the apartment.

“You allowed her to drink. And you drank vodka with her. You’re 28 and she’s 16-years-old. And then I find out that you’re allowing her to smoke marijuana,” said Sallis.

Sallis said her daughter was uneasy around one of the men.

“She’s a country girl. She doesn’t know anything about hard city life,” said Sallis.

Baltimore City Police say they are worried about what happened to her.

“I have to tell you that we have very serious concerns now into several days,” said Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld.

“She would’ve used her cell phone at least once and that hasn’t been the case,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City Police spokesperson.

Baltimore City Police have served a search warrant at the apartment of the missing teen’s sister on Eberle Drive in Northwest Baltimore. It’s not clear what they were looking for. They still do not have any suspects or even a person of interest yet.

City Police have two teams of detectives searching for Barnes. They have used dogs and their chopper. They’ve also sent text messages to 25,000 people in Baltimore and are pressing the national media for attention.  The FBI is also now part of the search for the missing teen.

“We need people who know something, people who’ve seen something, people who think they know something, to get in touch with the police department,” said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. 

At Barnes’ high school in Monroe, N.C., counselors have been brought in.  Friends have made purple ribbons in her honor.

“So we can remember and keep hope,” said one friend.

Police are talking to many people, including the sister’s boyfriend, who was one of the last to see her.

Police have scheduled a Tuesday afternoon news conference to discuss the case. 

Comments (33)
  1. TLCARTER77 says:

    This story is getting worse and worse each day. I just hope that she will be found and able to come home to her family alive..

  2. TLCARTER77 says:

    @Caring Citizen you must not have kids. Let me tell you once a child is a certain age yes it’s still your child but this girl was also a young adult and you do not know all the ramifications as to why she was allowed/or wanted to visit her older sister. I am the oldest of seven sisters and I understand the need for a 16 yr old to want to hang out with her cooler older sister. Its unfortunate that her older sister wasn’t more responsible. As a mother after your child reaches a certain age you can only hope that you have instilled enough morals in them for them to make good decisions. Sometimes, they just don’t make the right ones. Do not blame this mother for this!! She could have never expected anything like this to happen NO PARENT DOES!!

  3. coco says:

    @caring citizen i agree if you knew that ur daughter was in an enviroment with alot of guys and she told u she felt uncomfortable why not make ur daughter come home and she told u what was going on this could have been but its not only on the mother but the police needs to hold the boyfriend and sister in custody until the truth comes out

  4. Michelle M says:

    People can point the finger wherever they want. The truth will eventually come out. The number one thing is for this young lady to be found. Don’t let additional information take away from the main point of the article. She is still missing from her family and friends and needs to be found. Remember when you write things, people can read this information. This is a public site. To Phylicia’s family and friends, I am praying for her safe return home. I have faith that she will return to you alive and well.

    1. Tired of BULL says:

      I agree with Michelle M. Blame can be pointed at the mother, the sister, the sister’s boyfriend, or anybody at the party or in the surrounding area. Who is to blame is NOT the issue. If the police spent all their time looking at who is to blame for her being missing, they would never find her. Everybody’s efforts, not just the police, need to be concentrated on where she is. When she is found, then the police and everybody else can start pointing the finger. I don’t hear/read concern from hardly any of these postings. What is this world coming to where people aren’t even concerned? And stop making assumptions! The mother could have found out after the fact from someone else. How do you know her mother didn’t tell her to come home? How do you know that she didn’t refuse to go home? Don’t criticize someone before you have walked in their shoes.

  5. shirellediana says:

    I am concerned about the Mother not knowing the daughter surrounding…When was the last time the mother visited the sister. I fault the Mother for not being a better parent…there is no way I would send my chile anywhere and I am not sure of her surroundings and that means seeing it for myself. The sister knows something and so does the boyfriend…start charging them and you will find the sister. I do not think she is involved in sex trafficking that is the mother way of getting attention to her case. Because if she really believes that she should be locked up also because it would sound like she knew her daughter was living foul. They all failed her.

  6. pigeon says:

    May have been, could have been, possibly, perhaps, maybe – this says nothing. You are better off not posting anything until you have FACTS. This addition to the article makes you look stupid rather than an intelligent reporter.

  7. Pushthebutton says:

    @caring citizen – you can blame the mother all you want, but where is that going to get you. You need to take a few steps back and look at the situation. Here you have a 16 year old, straight “A” student graduating high school a year early registered at Towson University – can you say the same about you or your family – probably not. Anyway thats neither here nor there, but what is important is that this single mother was doing the very best that she could in North Carolina with her child and was doing a good job. Its not her fault that the older ex step daughter was not holding up her end of the bargain of taking care of her little sister – if anyone is to blame its the older sister who clearly didn’t care about the welfare of her younger sister and probably wanted to appear cool to her little sister and probably made it look fun the activities that they were partaking in. Get the facts straight first.

  8. Dale C, Keels says:

    We all have made some valid points to the events that possibly could have allowed this tradgic event. Though we have evidently made our own conclusions to this matter, we still do not have all the evidence to point a finger at any one person. however, God is still in control of th conclusion of this issue.

  9. Shelly Gales says:

    I agree that you cannot blame the parents. We teach our children right from wrong and all we can do is pray that when the time comes, they will follow our advice/teachings, and that they don’t make mistakes that can bring them harm or cost them their lives. It’s a sad story no matter who is at fault! My thoughts and prayers are with the family and I pray that God is with her, whever she may be.

  10. sherry says:

    May thoughts and prayers go out to the family. Everyone needs to stop pointing fingers right now and think about what is important here and that is finding the young lady safe and bringing her home to her family.

  11. jg says:

    the older sister is a half sibling most likely a paternal one, at this point blame should not be the focus, finding the young lady should, and besides we all have done things that our parents did not know about, sure my parents thought since i was tomboy that i was not into boys, they were wrong, so lets just all pray for a positive outcome

  12. whatnow says:

    I hope this girl is found soon and safe. I think there is enough blame to go around. Scientists have proven the part of the brain that is responsible for making wise decisions does not fully develop until 25 years old. So parents certainly have to bear in mind that no matter how mature and responsible a 16 year old might be, they are still a child.

  13. Darlene says:

    I pray that phylicia is found safe and sound. My heart goes out to this family. Have faith

  14. xia williams says:

    what was the girl last seen wearing??????????

  15. martie amaya says:

    Why dont we focus on the more important issue, finding the young lady safe and sound. The only person to blame would be the criminal that did something wrong (if they did) to her. Not the unsuspecting parent that lives in another state.

  16. Linda Jackson says:

    This is a very sad situation and we all should just take the time to get on our knees and pray that she is found unharmed. It is easy to throw blame and make assumptions as to what may have happened. Right now, we need to all come together and pray. There is strength in numbers and division in hate. I am a mother and my heart goes out to this family.

  17. Candi says:

    This is so sad, i sure wish her mother had not allowed her to go so far from home alone to Baltimore Md of all places, crime infested to say the least. i pray they find her alive, it has been a good while now to be gone like that , and no clue as to where, shame on you big sister, you should have looked out for her better

  18. K.B says:


  19. Diane Brandon says:

    I agree with you, give some respect to the mother who is going through hell right now, her child is missing. . Stop pointing the finger at the mother, and do something positive, like pray for a safe return. Do yourself a favor if you can’t say anything positive don’t say anything at all.

  20. Bryan J. Barnes says:

    To all of you that commented regarding the case of my missing sister, I would like to thank you all for your prayers and concerns. I would like to encourage you all NOT to believe everything you may hear through the media. We, the BARNES family, are doing EVERYTHING humanly possible to bring my sister back home. We dont have time to worry abt the immature comments made to the press from certain individuals. These claims are unfactual and have NO evidence to support it. We as a family cannot and will not be consumed by negative words and thoughts because my sister Phylicia Barnes, is still not home! I will continue to update you all with FACTUAL information as soon as we get it. Thanks again.

  21. soldout4christ_servantschronda says:

    Praise God in all things. my heart and prayers goes out to the young child and her love ones. when I first found out she was missing I got into prayer. Im not on here to blame the judgement is left to God. I believe in my heart that she still a live and she will be home and whoever is responsible for her disappearance may God deal with you with the wrath of God if any of you know anything come out with it if you dont you will be judge by God and you are just as responsible GOD SEND HER HOME IN JESUS NAME

  22. Effects Of Weed says:

    these stories are so sad and so common.

  23. Donna says:

    The best thing the mother ever did for her was to get her out of that cesspool called Baltimore. It is obvious she did a good job of raising her. She is an honors student preparing for college and seems well rounded and ready for a bright future. The daughter naturally had interest in visiting with her half siblings. Unfortunately, the same cesspool that she was blessed to be removed from as a child is what brought her these problems as an adult. You cannot place blame on her mother. The blame lies with those that felt inferior to her because she was successful. It will come out that those that are responsible are part of that familiar culture of wanting to hold others back, putting down and hating on anyone who strives to do better. They insinuate that to be loyal, you must hold yourself back as if you owe it to all the other degenerates to remain like them. I pray she is found safe and returned to her mother. I pray she never goes back to that cesspool of a city.

  24. tyra says:

    i will pray for you and your family because that is not write

  25. Patrica Newland says:


  26. Lane yarbrough says:

    The single fact that I could buy this domain means nothing is being done. I bought the domain I don’t know how to transfer domain’s but I will give it to you for free. Please activate this domain and get it up and running immediately so Phylicia can come home.

    I had an a black cousin found dead in her care in Salt Lake City and nothing has ever been done or resolved.

    Lane Yarbrough

    1. Lane Yarbrough says:

      Sorry, the font in this field is lite grey. I can’t see what I’m typing.

      The single fact that I could buy this domain means nothing is being done.

      I bought the domain I don’t know how to transfer domain’s but I will give it to you for free. Please activate this domain and get it up and running immediately so Phylicia can come home.

      I had a black cousin found murdered in her car in Salt Lake City and nothing has ever been done or resolved.

      Lane Yarbrough

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