By Alex DeMetrick

WASHINGTON (WJZ) — While Senator Barbara Mikulski sets a record for longevity, another Maryland politician joins Congress for the first time.

Alex DeMetrick reports Andy Harris becomes the First District’s new representative, and joins a new Republican majority in the House.

It took Republican Andy Harris a long time to walk down the hall and into his office as Maryland’s newest congressman.

“It’s exciting. It’s an end to more or less three and a half years of campaigning and many years of public service,” said Harris.

He didn’t show up for work alone. Many who worked on his campaign in the First District were there to savor the moment.

It was a rare Republican win in a heavily Democratic state.

“I come in at a time when Congressional approval is at historic lows, and hopefully we can turn around people’s opinion of Congress and get some things done,” said Harris.

Harris was sworn into a new Republican majority in the House, which is pledging to cut $100 billion in spending. Exactly how is unknown, but there’s no doubt about what Republicans want to do with the new health care law.

“We’re going to try to reverse the process next week, and I think the American people are behind us on that,” said Harris.

Harris used a brick to announce an open door policy for Maryland constituents, many of whom depend upon a healthy Chesapeake. Under President Obama, the EPA is forcing states to improve water quality. Harris stopped short of backing specific enforcement.

Harris begins his term as Democrat Frank Kratovil’s ends.  Kratovil defeated Harris two years ago, but lost to Harris in the last mid-term election.

  1. Patricia @ William Morse says:

    We are 70 and 75 yr old retired couple. Stop spending, taxing and shut the government down if that is what it takes except for basic coverage. I can’t find employment, The money for S.S. that has been mis-used & given IOU’s in it’s place,this money needs to be repaced NOW! We have lost our retirement money in the Enron debacle. We live on our S.S. checks. We are not lax or unwilling to work, there is no jobs out there for us.
    I want you, Congress and the President to cut, cut, cut and stop taxing us to death. Change our money from the Fed. and go back to the Gold Standard monetary system , stop this Presidential Order and get back to our Constitution.

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