BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The road to the Super Bowl starts Sunday in Kansas City.  The Ravens are hitting the road to take on the Chiefs in the first round of the playoffs and Baltimore is coming down with a case of playoff fever.

Weijia Jiang shows how the Ravens are painting the town purple.

Stenciling the Baltimore Ravens logo is only the start to creating a masterpiece.  After several more steps and a lot of paint, the grounds crew reveal what happens when they paint the town purple. 

In front of City Hall and on the side of Federal Hill are reminders the Ravens are set to fly through the playoffs for the third year in a row.

“It’s showing off our pride.  We love our Ravens; we really love our Ravens,” said fan Linda Mahady.

The mayor added a few touches, too.

“The players, they have the ethos of our city. They are simple. There’s not a lot of flash. They’re committed to what they are doing. They’re hard-working. They are tough, just like we are in Baltimore, so it’s good we are in the post-season,” said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

Not only are crews painting the town purple, they’re lighting it purple, too.  Workers are adding gels to the Baltimore lamp posts for an extra boost.

“It’s tremendous community spirit in this town.  We all love football.  Everybody knows the Ravens are the best,” said fan Neil Mulligan.

With so much purple pride, fans have no doubt the third time’s the charm…especially for Charm City.

“I think they’re gonna win,” said fan Marsha Jackson.

You can see the Ravens begin their march to the Super Bowl here on WJZ. The Ravens take on the Chiefs Sunday at 1 p.m. on WJZ-TV.

Comments (15)
  1. RP says:

    Who pays for all of this?

    1. Michael says:

      The Baltimore City government pays for all of the work done to govermental property: Federal Hill, City Hall and the light posts.

    2. Jeff Hopkins says:

      Where can I get purple film to cover my lighting ? A few years back I believe you gave an address to a store in Baltimore that sold me a film to put in front of my lighting but I don’t remember where it was. Any ideas ? ” GO RAVENS ” Thanks Jeff

  2. LurkerBee says:

    The 1 East Pratt building did a nifty thing with the lights in front of it. They’ve got pole lights there & they fitted them with pieces of translucent purple plastic that have “Ravens” carved into them. Looks really cool, especially at night.

  3. Dottie Hayes says:

    What a waste of money. Let’s close firehouses because there is no extra money to pay for essential employees but waste money on paint, light bulbs and labor for the football team. What a joke.

    1. Michael says:

      Agreed. I love football and the Ravens, don’t like using our resources to paint… and then repaint after the playoffs are over. Regardless of if they lose in the first round or win it all, it will all have to be repainted to restore everything to it’s normal color.

  4. Faith says:

    Dottie do shut your face! Just because your ignorant and cant enjoy something every one else is excited about doesnt mean you spoil it for everyone. How do you know if that money was used or not?? If you cant say anything nice DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!!!

    1. Michael says:

      Faith, you my friend must be the one ignorant to the situation. In order for paint to be applied to federal hill, lamp posts or any other location, it must be funded by the local government. So yes, it is paid for by you and I as well as anyone else who pays taxes in Baltimore. If it wasn’t paid for by the Baltimore City government, we wouldn’t be celebrating the artwork, we would be calling it vandalism and the mayor wouldn’t be participating. Get a clue or don’t say anything at all.

      1. Michael says:

        And I am a Ravens fan who is excited for this weekend, but I don’t believe City funding should be spent on this bologna.

  5. GoChiefs says:

    Yeah, why not enjoy wasting all that paint and electricity! It will only be up for a week anyway, then you can all take it down and start talking about how next season will be better.. haha

    1. RT says:

      The Ravens may lose in the Playoffs but it wont be to the chiefs.

  6. Brad says:

    Can’t we all just sit back and enjoy the fact that our Ravens are in the playoffs?
    Remember when we didn’t have a football team, and for those who think the
    Chiefs are going to win, to quote the great Mark Zino of 105.7 The Fan “How
    Bout No”.

  7. James Buckler says:

    If you want a Painted Raven bird on your own front lawn like the one on Federal hill check out Grass Graphics on Facebook or give me a call at 443-452-8202!!!!!

  8. shawn b says:

    i love the ravens paint the town purple alld day

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