I got an Edsall.  The University of Maryland made it official yesterday, naming Randy Edsall as its new head football coach.  He seems like a good guy and a good coach.  He built Uconn’s football program from the ground up.  This year the Huskies played in a BCS bowl game (now they got stomped by Oklahoma and made the Fiesta Bowl because the Big East Conference is a fraud, but that’s a topic for another day).  Quite frankly, Edsall sounds a lot like Ralph Friedgen, except in better shape.  Hey, I was all for showing Ralph the door.  If you were bringing someone exciting in to take over (ie Mike Leach), I want Maryland to be a strong football program and I think it can be.  Unfortunately, the program hasn’t been relevant since Bobby Ross coached there in the 80s.  I hope I’m wrong, but I dont think this hire changes anything.


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