BALTIMORE (WJZ)–Big changes are in store for the west side of downtown Baltimore along Lexington Street after a $150 million development planned for an entire square block gets the green light from the Maryland Historical Trust.

Derek Valcourt gives us a sneak peak at what the developers have in store.

The idea for the development at Park and Lexington began four years ago. It survived a recession, and now it’s getting the green light.

In eyesight of Lexington Market, an entire city square block is set for a major overhaul.

The area between Howard, Lexington, Park and Fayette streets will soon house what now will be called Lexington Square.

A $150 million mixed-use development will be complete with a new 300-apartment tower and dozens of new retail shops, including clothing, food, and possibly a health club.

M.J. “Jay” Brodie with the Baltimore Development Corporation explains a few of the older buildings there now will be preserved entirely. With some, they’ll save just the facade.

“Because of the historic preservation debate we couldn’t answer the question,” said Brodie. “When I say we— the mayor, the developer, and the city— we couldn’t answer the questions: When is this going to be ready? When can we start talking about a lease? And now we can.

Construction on the project could begin later this year.

Almost all of the entire square is already vacant and in desperate need of repair. What few stores are still open, won’t be for long.

“If it’s going to generate revenue for the city, I’m all for that,” said one constituent.

The development is seen as good news in the rundown area that was once the city’s premier shopping district.

“We also need places to shop around here so we won’t go far,” said Davarn Leach. For “those who don’t have cars, this is wonderful for them.”

“It would be nice for the area because it has gone down quite a lot, so anything to improve it I’m for,” said Joyce Graves.

Once the construction begins later this year, developers hope the project will begin by late 2013 or early 2014.

Comments (9)
  1. Mon CheriAmore says:

    I thought we didnt have any money. What budget did this come out of, I wonder?

  2. whatnow says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hopkins Plaza was made over. It smells so bad of pee you can barely sit there, that is if you can get a seat that isn’t being slept on by a homeless person and I’m not talking about at night. I mean during my 1-2 lunchtime. One day I had a seat and a nice young man was sitting next to me. We were both reading enjoying out lunch hour outside. Some homeless guy that smelled soooooo bad came and sat right on top of us. Of course we had to move. So I vote NO, do not spend any more money on the city until you clean up the parts you already fixed.

    1. Mark says:

      I agree with you on some parts. It doesn’t matter how much money they put into it. It will still be rundown just because of the people in the area. There are way too many homeless and way too many thugs in that area, Some of those thugs are the teenage children of good citizens–so what can you do?.

      Lexington market has a huge illegal drug and gun market there and the police turn a blind eye because they don’t want to be killed by the gangs. I can hardly blame them. The gangs are better armed and there are more of them than there are police.

  3. von blake says:

    dont u sound stuck up

  4. tylerjake says:

    The city is a lost cause…..what now is exactly right.

  5. Dave says:

    How can the city afford to do this when it’s over $100 Million dollars in debt and is laying off city workers because they can’t afford to pay them??? Maybe the city council gave the developer a tax break for some gift cards, or better yet, manybe the Mayor is sleeping with the developer?? No, that would never happen in Charm City would it? I guarantee if the Baltimore City Council members have anything to do with this, someone on the council is benifiting from it either financially or with perks (gifts, freebies, etc..). I’m embarrassed that they represent this great city… So sad…

  6. Tracy Cheeks says:

    that is wonderful because Baltimore really needs make a makeover

  7. edwin says:

    Before the area is revamped, what is going to be done about the illeagel activities thats going on around lexetington market.

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