Former Ravens Super Bowl QB, Trent Dilfer, joins The Norris & Davis Show each week.  Today he talked about the ugly game against The Bengals and the upcoming playoff game against The Chiefs.

  1. Mike says:

    Thats funny, I heard him on Mike and Mike on Tuesday and he said that KC was going to run all over the Ravens. He came right out and said that KC will beat the Ravens without an issue. He is about as two faced as he needs to be to keep being able to talk on radio shows and appear on tv. I think it is about time to call him to task why don’t you have the cajunas to call him out next tuesday and ask him about his two different opinions on two different radio shows and ask him why he is such a hypocrite. Super Bowl winner or not, he is a butt kisser who says whatever he has to so he can continue to pick up a check.

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