BALTIMORE (AP) — Maryland corrections officials say they are reconsidering their plans for a new women’s jail in Baltimore.

Corrections spokesman Rick Binetti says the design of the detention center was put on hold in November so officials could review projections for the female jail population. There has been a 15 percent decline in the number of women jailed in Baltimore since the last projections were made about five years ago.

A nonprofit that urges states to seek alternatives to incarceration has criticized the project. The Justice Policy Institute says the jail shouldn’t be built at all, regardless of size.

The jail was proposed after the Justice Department found that inmates in Baltimore were subject to overcrowding that violated their constitutional rights.

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  1. TLCARTER77 says:

    Maryland Doc and Doj is a big business..the state closes and redistricts schools, but is building new…education is the key to much like right to put the city’s tax dollars to something constructive like BCPS system…nah you’d rather redo the streets so we can have NASCAR in Baltimore city…such twisted logic..”ONLY IN AMERICA”

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