The cold air has returned and it’s going to stick around…plus, there is the chance for some snow along the way.

A large low pressure system is spinning over the Great Lakes. It will stay there through the weekend and will dominate the East Coast weather during that time. Basically, there are different areas of energy rotating around the low like spokes on a bike wheel. And each area of energy has some light snow or snow showers with it. That’s what brought us the light snow this morning and could bring us some more again through early Sunday morning – when this pattern finally breaks.

There is not a lot of moisture with this type of set up for us since each batch of snow is coming from the west. We could get another coating – 1″ across much of the state with another inch or two possible in Cecil County and the northern Eastern Shore, where there is a winter weather advisory in effect all day tomorrow. There could also be a few more inches in the mountains of western Maryland.

This weather set up is also funnelling cold air straight down from Canada. This is statistically the coldest stretch of the year, but we will be even lower than our average of 41 degrees the next 5-10 days. We only made it to 34 degrees today and will struggle to get to freezing tomorrow. Highs will get above freezing Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday – although still only in the mid 30s. Then, we go back down again as another storm reinforces the cold air the following days.

As for that next storm, it will give us the chance for some winter weather (mainly snow) Tuesday and Wednesday. This is a different storm that will have more moisture since it will be coming our way from the south. It’s making its way onshore in California tonight before it cuts across the Deep South Sunday and Monday – where it will also produce some winter weather. Then, it will make a turn northeastward through Geogia and try to make a run up the coast Tuesday into Wednesday, clipping us along the way.

We will keep you updated on this storm’s progress through the weekend. Stay tuned…


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