BALTIMORE (WJZ)–Rejected. The city turns down a major revitalization plan on downtown’s west side.

A city design review panel rejected the plan after local civil rights groups warned it would demolish a key landmark in the Civil Rights Movement.

The plan would have called for tearing down  the former Read’s Drug Store on Howard Street, the site of a sit in by African-American college students in 1955.

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  1. jerry says:

    WAKE UP MAYOR AND PEOPLE OF BALTIMORE. Wtih this plan being rejected look at all the jobs and money the City Of Baltimore will be losing. Civil Rights is ok but come on , the city needs the revenue for the police, fire dept and summer programs. So don’t start crying when more lay offs come up , thank the local civil righs group.

  2. Dave says:

    It makes no sense. If the drug store is such a national treasure why is it just sitting there empty, rotting away and in the hands of the city? Maybe we will discover the motives for all the sudden outrage soon enough. I see money trading hands.

  3. Veronica Moore says:

    YOU MUST BE KIDDING! The suggestion that a building where a sit in happened propels it to landmark status is preposterous. Using this standard as a yardstick to measure significance of a building will eventually cripple growth and prosperity. “The Woolworth’s where the famed Greensboro sit-in took place no longer exists, but the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University campus has a statue of the four student protesters. Four seats from the original Woolworth’s can be seen at the Greensboro Historical Museum. “, USA Today. If there is anything left of the Read’s Drug Store it should be preserved in a similar museum recreation. An empty abandon building does not hold the significance of this event. The actions of the people involved and the change they made are what is important. Again the city leadership failed miserable.

  4. Darryl says:

    As a Black man I say it’s a sad day in Baltimore when the powers that be allow a largely forgoen and uncelebrated building stand in the way of much needed progress in a depressed area of downtown. I You want to celebrate Affrican American History , give there descendents jobs. Oh and to the high and mighty, you let the more storried and cultural royal theater fall under your watch.and not a tear>:(

  5. pigeon says:

    Unreal – there were sit-ins all over the city – do you mean to tell me everry darn one of them is a “national landmark”? Get your head “out of the dark” and look at what you are not doing for this city. Give me a break!

  6. Lenese Diapoulis says:

    Civil Rights is what these brave individuals did in 1955, a museum recreation would be the best solution, why is the present civil rights group so opposed to progress. Where were they when the building was in good shape? If they want to fix it they should use their own money to do so. Come on Mayor do what is right for the city.

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