By Mary Bubala

LAS VEGAS (WJZ) — The search is now over for the Maryland woman turned Las Vegas dancer who disappeared in December.  Police say they found  her body and they have her suspected murderer behind bars.

Mary Bubala has more on the investigation.

“I came here to find her and I found her,” said Celeste Flores-Narvaez.

Celeste’s sister, Debbie Flores-Narvaez disappeared on Dec. 12.  The former Redskins cheerleader was now dancing in a show in Vegas, but was reported missing after not showing up for rehearsal.

For weeks, her family and police desperately looked for clues, anything that would lead them to her. 

This weekend, a stranger called police about human remains in downtown Las Vegas.

“It became pretty evident that the remains that were found were our victim’s and, in fact, our suspect was our suspect,” said Lt. Lew Roberts.

Police arrested her ex-boyfriend, Jason “Blu” Griffith, 32, on the Strip a few hours later.  They had a tumultuous relationship.  Last October, he was arrested for stealing her cell phone, then attacking her, pushing her to the ground, kicking her and pulling her hair.

During questioning, Griffith told police Debbie came over to his house the night she disappeared but left after a few minutes.  But according to police documents, a witness says the two got into a fight that night and that Griffith choked Debbie.  The witness left the home and Debbie was alive but a few hours later, he says Griffith called him over to help dispose of the body.  He says Griffith mixed concrete in a garage and filled a plastic tub with it to cover the body.  The witness says Griffith later dismembered the body and put the remains in two separate plastic containers.

“I knew from day one she wouldn’t just do this,” Celeste Flores-Narvaez said.  “My next step is for her to get justice and I will make sure that happens, too.”

Griffith  is charged with first-degree murder.  According to police documents, he told one officer it was a “heat of the moment thing” and that he believed she had a gun.

Flores-Narvaez grew up in the Baltimore area and graduated from Old Mill High in Anne Arundel County.

Comments (15)
  1. Michelle West says:


  2. Susan Reynolds Lindsey says:

    I cant not believe my eyes! This is awful.

  3. Sharon says:

    What is wrong with this society? No regard for a human life. May this man who did this…. ROT in HELL!!

  4. xoxxo says:

    he needs to be put in concrete to suffocate to death. not a jail cell

  5. michelle says:

    devil walking the earth. why someone can even think they have the right to take someone’s child off this earth is just devilish no other way to explain such action. GOD please be with this family.

    1. Eric b says:

      I agree with all you said it was to the point just god needs to be with the killer and his family also. God loves everyone and is in everyone.

  6. Wesley Washington says:

    Give me (5) five minutes alone; I PROMISE YOU HE will be BEGGING and PLEADING for Death

    1. Lisa Morgan says:

      My thougths exactly!

  7. Chessie says:

    So many people that think they can play God over someone’s life. She had so much going for her. I just hope that God gives him what he has coming.

  8. jaimie says:

    Please pray for the little girl who is still missing may she be found alive and well. I don’t believe Debbie’s ex-boyfriend will be safe in jail…..

    1. Esperanza Lora says:

      he doesnt deserve safety.

  9. julie says:

    He should have done to him what he did to her. Maybe if some of these criminals were afraid of their punishment, they wouldn’t commit these senseless, horrible crimes. May he rot in HELL

    1. xoxxo says:

      oops i didint mean to “report comment” i meant to hit reply. but i couldnt agree more!!! if crimminals got even half of what they commit then maybe we wouldnt have innocent people loosing their life.

      1. Ashamed of my people says:

        I couldn’t agree more with you. This nation is far far to light handed with violent offenders, an eye for an eye. Our laws cover the criminals better than the victims, and then we still have to pay to feed and house these murderers. What a slap in the face if this semblence of a human life gets less than the death penalty.

  10. Caroline says:

    I thought I read it was believed she may have been pregnant. If so, this parasite should be charged with both murders.

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