Hi everyone!  Greetings from Fort Dix, New Jersey.  We are about a week into our deployment … AHEM! I mean, adventure and things are going really well.  In reality, not much has gone on yet.  It’s been a lot of paperwork, in-processing and medical testing.  The government makes sure that their soldiers are ready to perform physically so it can be a lengthy process.  Much of the work has been in a classroom setting, just going over what is going on currently in the Middle East, operational tempo, lifestyle changes, rules of engagement, etc.  Our unit is a small one so we are moving fairly quickly through most of the preliminary stuff.  And thankfully we have had a bunch of down time to relax, unpack and get settled.

We all miss our families and loved ones but we are able to stay connected rather easily because of wireless internet in the barracks.  The whole unit is full of Ravens fans and we were all on hand to watch the Ravens-Chiefs game.  I am already making provisions for the unit to be front and center when they face the Steelers this Saturday.  We also watched the BCS National Championship game!

Lastly, it is cold here!  Like I needed to tell you that!  But it makes outdoor training a little unbearable at times … and it almost makes us want to get to Iraq because of the warm sun!!!

I hope everyone has been doing well and PLEASE keep the emails coming!  It is great that so many of you keep writing me!  It’s great to hear from you!  zinno@1057thefan.com is the address if you needed it.

Coming home with a “W” …


img 0177 BLOG: From The Front Lines With Zinno

Zinno was ready for the Ravens-Chiefs game!

img 0175 BLOG: From The Front Lines With Zinno

Not the kind of "shot" I was hoping for ...

img 0176 BLOG: From The Front Lines With Zinno

I was having fun with my lieutenant before our hearing exams.

Comments (10)
  1. Aaron Damanual Miles says:

    I’ve been Zinno-tized. Miss hearing your expertise on the show. Take care. And thank you for your service. See we Steelers fans in Maryland aren’t so bad huh =)

  2. Betsy Green says:

    Great to hear you are doing well, love the updates, you are missed here. I know you don’t know me but I listen to you everyday and feel I know you. Be safe out there ad come home safely.

  3. Rob Harari says:

    Missin’ you Zinno! Bob’s doing a pretty good job, but that Zinno-wit is just missing from Bruce’s show. But, we’ll all hold down the fort until you return. Be safe sir. Let’s go RAVENS!

  4. Harry OSULLIVAN says:

    Mark, We miss you already. Somebody needs to keep Bruce on track while you are gone. However, I think BOB HAYNE will do the job while you are awary
    Lets Get a W in Pittsburgh on Saturday.
    All the Best to you on your TOUR…Be Safe and Keep on Pulling for the Ravens.
    Harry O’Sullivan
    NEST 14, Eldersburg / Sykesville…(Just a bit South of Brooklyn)

  5. JIM, MILFORD DE says:


  6. Tony Applefeld says:

    Miss you already bro.Need a question answered. Wanted to ask you live on the radio before you left,but did’nt get thru in-time.Now, close your eyes and really put yourself there. It’s the 2011 ALCS , game 7 , Yankees -vs- Orioles, bottom of the ninth, 2 outs, Birds up 3-2 , man on second, Jeters up looking at a 3-2 pitch.The stadium is off the chain electric , the hair on your arms is spiking thru your extra medium T-shirt and your heart is pounding out of your chested like 3:00a.m. on Prom night. Please be honest, but dont knee- jerk the answer. Do you want a 2 run walk off or do want a Koji strike-out? Tony from Naptown

    1. Tony Applefeld says:

      If you can, when you call in on Wednesday, please read this question on air and give your answer. Love ya man, keep your head down.

  7. Luke says:

    I miss hearing your opinions on sports on the show. Thanks for your service. Good luck on your tour and return safe.

  8. Gary Satosky says:

    Don’t know you but I like to hear you all time on 105.7. You always have your opinion which is great especially with Mike Preston. . Good luck on everything and looking forward to when you get back to go on the air again.

  9. Ravensfan says:

    Good luck with your command in Irac. Hay major, has the Army changed their haircut reg?

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