BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The State Highway Administration was out all night clearing snow off of major roads.

Weijia Jiang reports this round of snow ended up being more than a mere dusting and caused a few headaches for commuters and schools Wednesday morning.

Across the Baltimore region, Marylanders woke up to see snow after it came down for several hours Tuesday evening.  Cars were covered, requiring more time to get into work.

Most schools, including those in Baltimore City, ran on a two-hour delay. It shut down completely in Harford County and in the Hereford zone of Baltimore County.

In some spots, driving could be tricky.

State Highway crews spent much of the night clearing major roads and monitoring the storm.

“We’re just in complete salt operations. We have 340,000 tons available throughout the state, so we’re in good shape salt-wise,” said Charlie Gischlar, State Highway Administration.

Still many drivers ran into round patches all over, including this Howard County school bus driver.

“They are absolutely, treacherously terrible, bad,” said Krissy Seal, driver.

“The roads are slippery. They’re a little slushy. I’d advise you to take your time to get to where you’ve got to go,” said Antwain Bell.

“Sliding in the snow while we’re driving. It’s pretty bad,” said Aryele Brooks.

While things aren’t too bad here, the south is still in a deep freeze. From Louisiana to Atlanta and the Carolinas, thick ice has caused hundreds of highway accidents.

“I just want to get in and get out and get home,” said one driver.

“I thought we had enough last year, but I guess we didn’t, huh?” said another driver.

Blizzard-like conditions are in the forecast for places like Boston and New York City. People up north are dealing with their third major storm in as many weeks.

People flying out of BWI Marshall Wednesday should call ahead because many flights to the northeast and down south were canceled.

Though the snow has stopped falling, crews remain out, focusing on pesky side roads.

“We are concerned about roads freezing tonight, so we will be continuing to salt throughout the evening and rush hour,” said Adrienne Barnes, Baltimore Department of Transportation.


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