Ravens’ Receiver Derrick Mason joins The Norris & Davis Show each Thursday.  Today he talked about Saturday’s ‘ultimate’ game against the Steelers.

Comments (5)
  1. Joyce Sutton says:

    Why are the Ravens so obessed with the Steelers?

    1. Rick says:

      Because, unfortunately, the Ravens (or Colts) never beat the Steelers in a game that matters, that’s why. Fans and team are frustrated by being behind the Steelers all of the time.

  2. veronica.hall says:

    BLACK & YELLOW ,THE Raven are going home……..

    1. GO RAVENS says:

      WE SHALL SEE!!!!!!!!!!

  3. eric says:

    who was the guy you interview around 8:15am. He mentioned he did ab interview with joe flacco that going tp be aired today. I missed the details of when it’s on and where

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