ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — It didn’t take long for legislation that would allow table games at Maryland slot machine venues to be introduced in the state Senate.

Sen. Kathy Klausmeier, D-Baltimore County, introduced the measure on Friday in the first week of the session.

Klausmeier says she favors legalizing games like blackjack and poker offered in neighboring states. She says sites offering those games now have a competitive advantage over Maryland gambling venues.

It’s unclear how much support exists for expanding gambling this year. Gov. Martin O’Malley said he wasn’t going to push for table games when asked about the idea during last year’s campaign. Even if the bill passes and O’Malley signs it, Maryland voters would have to approve the proposal in a referendum next year.

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Comments (6)
  1. The wizened one says:

    What are we waiting for? The State needs revenue, the economy needs a boost, how is this a bad idea? I suggest full-on Vegas style casinos be legalized, look what it did for that little bus stop in Nevada. Lets not let surrounding states get the jump. What are we Puritans?

  2. juke says:

    i agree with you wizened one. why are we gonna keep letting our money go to neighboring states. we have slots why not allow tables. make maryland a tourist destiination

  3. The practical one says:

    Typical give an inch, take a mile politics. We only approved slots to save the racing industry. Next we have to deal with them at our mall. And now they want table games?! This is getting ridiculous. You know what else that “bus stop” in Nevada got with gambling? Crime. No thanks.

  4. Wurtz Berger says:

    Must Have Table Games !!!!!!!
    A room at Pimlico Race Track with a few Slots !!

  5. G says:

    Um…we have tons of crime. Table games are not going to aid our wonderful city residents in more crime.

  6. ken says:

    all you opponents just remember your stance when your taxes are raised even further.

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