BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A 16-year-old girl goes missing in Baltimore, far from her North Carolina home. It’s been more than two weeks, and still no trace of Phylicia Barnes. Now two congressmen are stepping in to help.

Weijia Jiang has more on the push for clues.

A meticulous search through a state park, a massive billboard along I-95, several vigils and prayers—but nothing has led to Phylicia Barnes, who vanished Dec. 28.

“Somebody watching us now knows something about this young lady. Somebody has been told about her. Somebody has seen her,” said Congressman Elijah Cummings, District 7 (D-Md.).

Cummings joins his colleague from North Carolina, where Barnes is from, to plead for help to answer her family’s many questions.

“All I want is my baby to come home so she can be reunited with her family,” said Russell Barnes. “That’s [what] a father wants, to end this nightmare.”

Even police admit they’re baffled by the lack of physical evidence and tips in this case. For now, they are re-interviewing the last people who saw Phylicia.

“If she is alive, she is scared to death,” said her mother Janice Sallis. “For anyone who gets joy out of that must be a sick perverted individual.”

Barnes does not know her way around the city. She left her money and credit card at her sister’s apartment.

Police say she was likely abducted.

“It’s like she vanished in thin air, and no one knows where she’s at,” Sallis said. “Somebody knows where she’s at.”

“I just ask my constituents to do it for me, and let us know if you know anything,” Cummings said.

Sallis tells us that Phylicia’s high school classmates are planning a vigil for her next week in North Carolina.

WJZ will continue to follow this case and will let you know as soon as Phylicia is found.

Comments (17)
  1. pigeon says:

    What about asking the public for help in find all the other missing children, teens and/or adults. Why only this one?

    1. D. Bos. says:

      And your name is pigeon for what reason!!!!

    2. faith says:

      Why only this one maybe because her family and friends took the initiative to go around and ask for help, and didn’t just except that their chid is just missing. Please don’t try to turn things into more then they are.

    3. bullfrog says:

      This young beautiful girl is not familiar with the area, that is one reason why it is so imperative to get as many people involved as possible. Second of all, because of the  revolving door and so many different people one of which may hold the crucial clue, the more people involved the more information may be received. Third of all and last but not least (WHY DOES IT BOTHER YOU)  if you don’t like it than don’t get involved but also don’t question those who do care enough to get involved.

  2. ratm33 says:

    that is because a relative of hers is on he police force that is looking for he. you know how it goes. police are above all of us.

  3. Darryl of Balt. says:

    I really think that her half-sister’s house is where the culprit probably met her and proceeded with the crime.. Hopefully i’m wrong…

  4. dizzychixmd says:

    one missing teen, child, wife, girlfriend is one to many. What does it take for government to get invoved and say enough is enough. – when yo can’t go to a store, let your child play outside or even date someone (without checking their backgrounds first) it seems to me this needs to be made national government priority

    1. Leigh Ann says:

      oh yes, that is what we need, more government interference,

  5. Renee says:

    I wiill be so happy when they find this young lady. I feel very bad for her family members. This would send me crazy if one om my children went missiing with out a trace. I pray for her safe return .May God Bless Her and keep her safe where ever she may be.

  6. Owings Mills says:

    Someone in her family needs to come forward. This was an inside job and someone who was at that sister’s apartment is responsible for her disappearance.

  7. darlene says:

    WHY have there not been an “Amber Alert” issued for this CHILD! Others have their faces plasted all over the Nations bill boards.She’s still a child

  8. Robert McCoy Sr says:

    Because this is very important to a lot of people!!!Duh Why can you not just pray for this young lady, and not worry about who has or has not been featured. You are an IDOIT!!! Our prays are with her, for her safe return. No matter what she has been thru. We love you Simone, and want you home.

  9. garrison says:

    my prayer goes to her family… but my question is that if she knew dat her young sister were planned to visit her why would she let her young sister involved this issue which she is under age so if police ask her question who were there with them pls admits their name n i dont care what they will do something if u do care ur young little sister so pls adimts to police n also if she know they were planned to do something to her young sister or maybe she feel guilty that she will go jail before it s too late……

    1. Owings Mills says:

      The Baltimore school system students need to start paying attention in English class. The spelling and grammar mistakes in this post make it unreadable.

    2. pokemon says:

      learn proper grammar then post comment

  10. pokemon says:

    maybe she doesn’t want to be found. Maybe she just an away and doesn’t want to come home

  11. I hope that the girl is safe I watches the news every day to see if they found her my prayes goes out to the family

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