Mayor Rawlings-Blake Makes Friendly Wager With Pittsburgh Mayor Ravenstahl

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is confident that the Baltimore Ravens will defeat their rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers, in Saturday’s playoff game. She has agreed to a friendly wager with Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl.

“Coach Harbaugh and the entire Ravens team are playing their best football right now, and I look forward to watching them win on Saturday,” said Mayor Rawlings-Blake. “I am also excited to see how handsome my colleague, Mayor Ravenstahl, looks in purple and black.”

The two mayors agreed to a three-tiered wager. The mayor of the losing team must send the other mayor some food that is unique to the city. Mayor Rawlings-Blake agreed to send a tray of crab cakes from Faidley’s Seafood in Baltimore’s historic Lexington Market. Legendary New York Times food critic R.W. Apple once called Faidley’s crab cakes “the single best crab cake in Baltimore, if not the Western Hemisphere.” Mayor Ravenstahl agreed to send a plate of delicious sandwiches courtesy of Primanti Bros. Restaurant, Steeler-inspired Smiley cookies from Eat’n Park, and various other Pittsburgh-based goodies.

In addition to the food, the mayor of the losing team must post a social media message stating, “[The Winning Team] are superior to the [Losing Team].” Also, the mayor of the losing team will post a video pronouncing the winning team’s superiority while wearing the winning team’s jersey. 

The game takes place Saturday at 4:30 p.m.  in Pittsburgh.

  • Free2speak2

    GO RAVENS!!!!!!

  • ravensfan

    n mayor blake is also using the taxpayers money to send these goodies to pittsburgh

  • Amor Niño


  • Bill

    Eat-n-park food for Maryland crabcakes! Our crab cakes are the best in the universe! Whats his face, the mayor of Pittsburgh needs to up the ante! Pittsburg has no cuisine or taste, just podunk

  • pigeon

    Hope my tax $$ aren’t going to pay for this. She can out of her own money (and I don’t mean her “expense account”. Remember, we need the money for our schools, dept. of rec. & parks, police and fire depts., etc.

  • Cathy Jean Gruebl

    There goes another blow to our pension checks.

  • Michael

    Get over it, $40 dollars won’t bankrupt us anymore.

    • Kenny

      Thanks Michael, this won’t bankrupt the city and those complaining probably don’t pay taxes anyway!

  • Darryl

    Thank u Michael, and these types of friendly wagers have been going on for years. Thanks Mayor Rawlings/Blake and Go RAVENS!!!!! Both of whom we can be proud of:)

  • Shelia

    GO RAVENS!!!!!!!!! KICK BUTT 2NITE.!!! I think the Pittsburgh mayor looks good in black and purple

  • Tom

    People always want put poltics in everything. My god she makes enough money of her own. Go up people

  • johnsonj3

    For the ones that who was crying about the money that might have been spent you don’t have to worry, because the Steelres won. so wipe your tears.

  • Lady6Burgh

    Pay up!!! We’ll let Ravenstahl (no pun intended)be the judge of those crab cakes!!!

  • Pat

    I’d take a Primanti sanwich over a crab cake anyday!

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